Zone Activity

Zone Activity

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Emailing is so hard😂 I feel like it’s the same stuff every week… we had
a zone Activity today! It was really fun, we played Wilson ball at the
church then me and Elder Hathaway collected money and went and bough little
squeezers pizza. Thanksgiving was great. We had lunch with the Jacksons
then went to the Inmans for dinner.

We’re teaching a few people. We have one kid on date to be baptized but
we’re probably going to pass him off to the YSA Elders since he’s 19. His
name is Daniel and he walked into the church one day looking for someone to
talk to about his problems. He’s a really good kid! He’s going through a
lot right now. He just graduated and wants to get into acting and modeling.
We’ve been meeting with him for a couple weeks.

I almost got a referral for you again haha. It’s a guy we contacted who
wants to move to Utah. He’s LOADED. I told him you could hook him up.

Elder Collings

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