Your Son is Listening to the Spirit

Your Son is Listening to the Spirit

I didn’t receive a letter from Elder Collings this week. I did receive a
few pictures and the letter below from a sweet Sister Missionary in his

To the mother’s of Elders Collings and Crandall! My companion and I told
your young men that we hope their Mothers are super proud of them, because
they are following the spirit so closely! They told us to tell you
ourselves, so I will, haha! Every mom deserves to get an email about the
good their missionary is doing at least once, so here’s ours.
A beautiful, inspired thing occurred the other night when my companions
front bike light quite working. Oh no! So before we went out that evening
we called the Creekside Elders (your missionaries) praying that by some
crazy miracle they were near our apartments. They didn’t answer. We always
pray before we leave the house, so we said the prayer, including praying
that the Elders would call us back. A few seconds after the prayer ended,
the phone rang. We were both like “yeeeees, it woooorked!”(I love how we
both have that sure faith before we even check who is calling). We asked if
they were anywhere near our apartments. YUP! In fact, they just finished a
contact with someone /in/ the apartment complex! Not even their area.
Miracle! We asked Elder Collings if we could use his really powerful bike
light that he said he had. He responded with “that is inspired. I had lost
it in my stuff, for 7 months, until last night I wondered where it was,
found it, and charged it.” He doesn’t even use a bike, but he thought to
find it AND CHARGE IT, when he had no reason to, after it’s sat lost for 7
MONTHS!! Everything about that was magical.
I was just struck by how closely they must be following the spirit, not
only last night, to do something odd after 7 months, but also today, that
they were exactly where they needed to be. I love that! As a missionary,
it’s easy to make a plan for the day full of good, productive missionary
things, and God will do His best with your plan. It’s another thing to be
so in-tune with the spirit that it guides where you are and what you do in
every moment. They must be changing lives.

-A random missionary in their district, Hermana Rino

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