Went to the temple!

Went to the temple!

What’s up! So today was our P-Day because we were able to go to the temple!
So sorry for not letting you know yesterday haha, it just escaped me. But
we got to do some initiatories and an Endowment session early this morning
which is always wonderful. I felt like this time attending the temple was
the time I’ve got the most out of it. I wish we were allowed to go more
often but at least we get to go right? Hopefully I’ll be attending this
December with Natalea.

So my new trainees name is Elder Boulette from Rio Rancho, New Mexico. He’s
a graduate from the class of 2017 so he’s fresh out of High School. He did
4 years of Jr. ROTC in High School and is certain he’s going into the Army
after his mission. He wants to be a combat engineer. He’s also an Eagle
Scout so he should come out of basic training as a Sargent which I guess is
pretty good. Sounds like a pretty rough and rowdy guy huh? Here’s the
kicker…he’s only about 5’5” and 105 pounds haha. He is a TINY kid, but he
has a huge heart and a great desire to do missionary work. He really is a
good guy but very quirky as well haha. I’m excited to see how he does these
next couple of months.

So Marlon kinda dropped off the face of the earth. Last time we talked to
him was Wednesday and he was still super gung-ho about everything but we
just haven’t been able to contact him since. We’ve stopped by his house
every day and have called/text multiple times. Idk what’s up with that boy
but I do believe he’s not just dodging us. Hopefully we’ll meet up again
some time this week.

No I’m not sure how to exactly send a cashiers check so I’ll just steer
clear. I have to learn how to save money when it’s in my possession
anyways. I was thinking about it and when I get home I’m going to need that
skill so might as well work on it when I have nothing to lose out here haha.

This week has been good. Me and Elder Boulette were able to find 11 new
investigators which is a great number. Our biggest problem right now though
is finding people that stick. Everyone flakes out by like the 2 or 3 lesson
which sucks. There’s nothing we can really do to find those that are the
elect other that just keep sifting the wheat through the tares so hopefully
we have some success. Lauryn is still on track so at least that’s something
to look forward to haha.

Anyways, if you have any questions shoot ahead! Thanks for keeping me
updated on what’s going on at home. I hope Colton and Trev get an Elk. I’m
also sorry to hear Grandpa has Parkinson’s. But one thing I do know is that
he’ll hit it head on with a great attitude.

Elder Collings


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