Went to the LA temple!

Recreation of photo taken on Trevor’s mission at the LA temple
Hello! My week went great, we picked up a lot of new investigators and people to teach! So we’re excited to get that rolling. We’re now teaching Tysos new wife, her name is Melissa! She’s the one from the Samoan wedding video I sent. Transfers are upon us, and I’m happy with whatever happens. Elder Hathaway is awesome and we’ve become great friends! It’ll be sad to see him go. I’m pretty sure we’ll be split up after this week. I also feel like I’m leaving the area which is weird because I’m the new guy, but who knows what will happen. I got the backpack and the little book! Thanks haha that was a nice little surprise 🙂 And thanks in advance for the Easter package! I think I’m good with everything. Although I’m almost out of hair gel again so if you could send some of that I’d appreciate it. Also a new towel would be nice haha. I’ve used the same one for 10 months now. And if we could figure out the whole camera situation and what to do with that. Right now I’m not taking any pictures. I don’t think there’s anyone at home right now to reach out to except maybe Trevor Lake. He’s been on my mind recently. I’ve been meaning to email him but you know how I am with that haha. And with the whole linguistic thing idk haha. I was just thinking about it in conference and I’ve always loved languages and new cultures and traveling but I never thought of studying language. I guess it just clicked as soon as the thought came to my mind. Everything fits what I want to do with my life. My number one language I’m learning right now is the gospel though 😉 I’ve learned a lot on the topic of the Holy Ghost this past week. I studied it for hours upon hours. Someone asked me a question pertaining to baptism by fire and it just lead to a whole bunch of questions in my mind. I still need to find more answer but it’ll be good to learn. Anyways, I love you and hope you have a good week!

Elder Collings

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