Week Three Was Great!

Week Three Was Great!

Hello! Week three was great! One of our investigators came to church this
week, his name is David. He’s dating the bishops daughter so we got this
baptism in the bag 😉

We did a lot of service this past week. We’ve helped a few people move
in/out and tomorrow we’re going to a
less actives to help her clean up her place for an appraisal (Thanks to you
and every phone call you’ve had, I know what that’s all about) 😉 We’ve
spent a lot of time with awesome members this past week, I just love ever
member here. Brother Stacey is one we probably spend the most time with. He
goes out with us every Sunday to visit people and usually does stuff with
us throughout the week. I had to give a talk Yesterday which sucked haha
but it went well. Everyone said it was a great talk and one Brother came up
to me and said he’s been
struggling and hearing my talk was exactly what he needed. It made me feel
great to know I helped someone in need and that the Lord works through
everything we do even if we don’t realize it.

I think I’mmaking great progress with the members and they seem to really
love me. Elder Yoon has been saying that they don’t trust the Elders very much
but I think they just don’t trust him haha. He has a hard time connecting
with people (Imagine that). The Marshalls left on vacation so we’ve had to
fend for ourselves when it come to food. Yesterday I had a can of pineapple
chunks for lunch hahah.

I got the books you sent me and I’ve been practicing a ton 🙂 Hopefully
soon I’ll get good enough to were I can use it in my efforts to bring
others unto Christ. The mission president keeps dropping hints that I’ll
be called to speak Spanish so I’ve been preparing for that 🙂 The other day
in our interview I told him I had to speak in sacrament and that I was nervous
and he just kinda laughed and said, “Wait until you have to speak in a
Spanish ward”. But I’m excited and 100% willing to learn a
language 🙂

So far the missions been a struggle but wonderful at the
same time! I’m just waiting for that next transfer day to come haha. Have
a good week! Here’s a selfie I took in the car the other day, I look pretty
goofy but oh well. See ya!

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