P-day took forever to get here, but it's here! 
last week has flown by, so many new missionary's came last Wednesday.
Nobody I know though. The food has gone downhill, they're turning the
cafeteria into like a studio so almost all the options we use to have
have been taken from us. The reason they did that is because the 12
apostles and the first presidency will be here this week training all
the new mission presidents, I guess this is only the second time they've
done this. So chances are ill bee hearing from one of them tonight in the devotional or this Sunday so that's pretty exciting ? 
district is doing well.  Me and Elder LeBaron are doing good though.
He's super funny and talks a lot. We do everything as a district which
is good. Me and Elder Munsey probably get along the best. We've both
been out of high school for a year and are just on the same page with
our lives and are definitely more mature than the others. He lives just
down the street from Grandma and Grandpa Harwood. We had another
district in our zone leave yesterday which was kinda sad, we got really
close to them. I'll send another email with pics. 
teachings here have been great, we learn so much. We committed our last
two investigators to baptism which was great! We got two new ones
yesterday and so far its going great. We have plenty of chances to teach
them this week which is exciting! Everyone here loves teaching. I had
to give a talk last Sunday in sacrament which sucked. Every week
everyone has to prepare a talk and you find out who speaks as they're
giving announcements which is terrifying haha. But it went well,
everyone said it was great. I also had to give a lesson in priesthood
and i found out about that like an hour before because Elder Crandell
didn't assign anyone (imagine that). But the lesson went great! My
companions didn't help at all because they decided to talk and mess
around when we were supposed to prepare but that's all good, I killed it
without them ?
couple of nights ago being the bored missionaries we are, we started
taking off the vents in our rooms and found a stash of love letters and
valentines cards in one of them. They we're pretty funny! Our dorm use
to be a girls dorm so they we're a bunch of sappy letters some guy wrote
to his girlfriend haha. I love all of your guys letters and hearing
whats going on back home! Keep sending them! Sorry I can't reply to them
I just don't have much time to email. And I got your package! I loved
it! and everyone in the zone loved the Jerky haha.
Anyways I better get going, I love you all! I'll send some pics in a separate email.
Elder CollingsBridger1.jpe


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