So I got transferred out of the Heritage Ward which I was sad about but
it’s okay. The ward was sad to see me go. I had multiple people tell me
that I was their favorite missionary which makes me feel pretty good. But
I’m getting transferred BACK to Hacienda Heights 1st Ward. I will be
training another new missionary again named Elder McDaniel. He’s from

I’m thinking I won’t be here much longer than a transfer. I think I’ll be
gone as soon as Elder McDaniel finishes his training. Who knows! But I’m
excited to see all the old people I worked with! There are a lot of people
I hope to re-connect with. But I’m back in Hacienda! It’s weird. This
doesn’t happen often so it’s unique.

I have no clue what’s happening on Christmas for FaceTime. I haven’t been
able to make any plans. What would work for you guys and I’ll try to make
it work. Kenny and Maggie will be taught this Thursday, they were at church
again this past Sunday. They’ll definitely get baptized! It will be cool to
hear about it.

Ariana is doing good! She was pretty busy this past week but she was really
sad to hear I was going. We stopped by this morning and said goodbye. She’s
super willing to learn and I see her going places. She was just making sure
that missionaries will continue to stop by because she liked us so much.

I got packages from you and Grandma. Thanks for the cookies! Everyone in
the pad loved them. But please no more, I’m doing my best to get in shape
and those don’t help haha. Make some protein cookies or something. I’m
excited to open my gifts on Christmas morning. I’ll try to video it so you
guys can be there 😉

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