Transfer Week

So the big day, I can tell you’re just dying to know haha. To be blunt about it, yes…I did get transferred BUT I’m not leaving my areas, at least all of them 😉 So I will be staying in the Samoan area but I will be leaving Hacienda Heights 1st Ward. Elder Condie will stay in HH1 and will be training a new missionary. I will instead be covering the Samoan ward and the Creekside ward which is in the city of Walnut and they actually share a building with the Samoans so it makes sense. But to make things even better I will still live in the same place with Elder Condie, his trainee, and Elder Crandall, my new companion! So I will still be involved with HH1 because it’s in my district and everything. Pretty wild huh?
So basically HH1 and Samoan split and I, the Samoan elder, will pick up Creekside ward which Elder Crandall was already serving in. So lots of changes but almost none at the same time! Haha I’m super happy with the way things worked out. I’m sad to leave HH1 but Creekside seems like it has a lot of potential with missionary work even know there is absolutely nothing happening there right now so it will be a lot of building up the missionary efforts. I’m so happy to stay for Zion and Ziggys baptism this Sunday! I’m grateful I’ll also be able to attend the baptisms of people I taught in HH1. I don’t think this could’ve been any better haha! We’ll see how me and Crandall work together, he’s been great to live with so far and he’s changed since the MTC.
[image: Samoan.JPG][image: Elders.JPG][image: HH1.JPG][image: Pres. Wells.JPG] [image: Sister missionaries.JPG]

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