Transfer calls this coming Saturday

Transfer calls this coming Saturday

Hello! So real quick, I don’t know what time I’ll be calling home yet. Idk
what I’m even doing on Christmas at this point haha. I’ll let you know
hopefully next P-day. Also, we receive transfer calls this coming Saturday
so I might be in a new ward come Monday. If I do get transferred it’s very
likely that my next area will be the last! I’m indifferent either way on
how transfers go this week.

Kenny and his wife Maggie are doing great! They came to the ward Christmas
party this last Saturday then came to all 3 hours of church again
yesterday! We had our ward mission leader ask them if they’d be willing to
have us in their home and they eagerly agreed! So this week we’ll start
teaching them. So far they love the church and I can definitely see them
getting baptized soon. They have 2 kids that are10 and 7.

Ariana is also loving it! We had a church tour with her this past Saturday.
We showed her all the rooms of interest then sat down and started answering
her questions of what she read in the B of M. We ended up in a 3 hour
discussion just talking about everything. She just has so much curiosity.
It was really good! She has some road blocks that we’ll have to work
through though. She believes she’s not a religious persons and doesn’t want
to “commit” to one church. She has yet to understand that there is only one
true church so that’s what we’re going to focus on. But we have another
lesson with her tomorrow.

Overall it’s been a good week! Lots of good stuff going for us. It will be
sad if I leave right as things get going, but there will be new people
everywhere I go 🙂 Thank you so much for the gifts! I have yet to receive
them but I’ll probably get them Thursday. Thank Grandma for me as well!
She’s always been so caring and loving!

Oh also I have a Christmas present for you! I think it’s pretty funny haha.
I’ll send it to you on Christmas Day over email! Me and Elder Hathaway
figured you and Alison would enjoy it.

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