This past week has been good to us!

Tālofa! So I figured I’d throw a curve ball and email right off the bat 😉 First off, we had transfer calls Saturday night. We we’re with our Zone Leaders at Buffalo Wild Wings because it’s tradition! They got a call from the AP’s about the transfers so they ran out to the car but wouldn’t let us listen in haha. Anyways, me and Elder Hathaway will be together one more transfer here in good old Hacienda. A ton of changes have been made in the zone. They actually combined our zone with another zone so now we have a mega zone haha. Elder Hansen is still my Zone Lord which I’m excited about but, he gets a new companion named Elder Stucki. He seems pretty cool! I’m excited to see the changes and meet some new missionaries!!
This past week has been really good to us. We were able to start teaching Steven and had some great lessons with him. Elder Hansen and I, (We were on exchanges) taught him the word of wisdom on Friday. We asked how we could help him with his coffee haha. We told him we’d take it off his hands and he happily agreed. So he gave us like $50 bucks worth of coffee haha. He’s doing so well, he’s just very sick so it’s hard to schedule times to meet. We pushed his date back to the 19th so we could teach him everything before he gets dunked. His wife and kid are progressing really well with the Chinese sisters as well!
We also had some great lessons with Natalie. We had a family home evening with her family and a family in the ward, The Johnson’s. It went super well! It started with a dinner and then they asked us to give the lesson (of course). After that we played some games and got to know everyone better. It was a blast haha! I took some videos that night that I’ll send home. Later in the week we had a lesson and put Natalie on date for the 25th of March. She was super excited and told her husband when he got home.
We’re pushing really hard to get him re-activated so he can baptize her and I think he’ll be able to do it. They all showed up to church yesterday and looked great! Her two kids, Ryan(7) and Jay(3) came all dressed up and even had some little future missionaries tags! Natalie and Johnathan (Her husband) really enjoyed the Gospel Principles class as well. It was a lesson on The Family: A Proclamation to the World. They were eating everything up. I’m super excited to see her progress in the Gospel.
Max is still struggling with drinking. He called us over yesterday to have a lesson and by the time we showed up he was passed out in his car drunk haha. So we woke him up and walked him into the house and he was just all over the place. The only thing we can do for him at this point is just try and get him to the ARP meetings on Wednesday.
We had a lot of fun this past week. Last P-Day we went on a district hike, I’ll send pictures! It’s just a great life here in the Lords vineyard. Me and Hathaway are excited to be here and we see a lot of miracles coming in the near future! The Samoans are treating us well as always. Yesterday after a ward lunch, they packed us up with 5 to-go boxes of food haha. One of the members looked at me and said, “Elder! You’re getting fat!” Hahaha. Then they praised me for becoming a Samoan. I’ll send pictures and videos later when I’m at the church where there’s better wifi. I love you! Let me know if there’s anything I can do or answer for you!
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