This is last week’s email. Sorry I have gotten behind! -Melissa

Hello Mom! This week was alright, we were down for the count most the week though. We spent a ton of time at Pep-Boys with car problems but we got it all worked out so we’ll be back at it again this week. I don’t have much time to talk so I’ll answer your questions. Yes, I write down what I learn from President in my journal. I loved the talk given by Joy D. Jones which was weird because I’ve never like a Sisters talk before haha. But it really hit home with Natalie. We watched it at their home Sunday morning. Conference was awesome, I’ll talk about some personal revelation I got from it in a second. Brother Costa also had a fire talk, we need more of those during conferences. Tell Tanner congrats on the engagement! 😉 (Just predicting the future week here) also, tell him I greatly appreciate the emails he sent me and really took them to heart, sorry I didn’t respond to them though. Send me a picture of the girl that’s been staying at our house. Congrats to Brook for making the team! And Alivia was just overreacting, little do they know that I’m a trained off-road rally car driver and never once felt unsafe from my own driving 😉 Also send me some pictures of Colton and Jaimes progress! I’m gonna get super carved as soon as I leave Samoan work 😉 I’m going to write Colton back right after this. So during conference I had a question on my mind that I’ve had since I’ve been a missionary, and that was what I’m going to do with my life once I return home. I feel I’ve received an answer. I want to study linguistics abroad. I’d like to learn languages by full immersion and then teach English as a second language. I’m thinking about going to Spain to lean Spanish but idk. I’ve told President about this and I hope he’s on board to send me to Spanish work haha. I’d like to learn multiple languages though. It will be super hard. But that’s what’s on the agenda as of now! 🙂 Anyways, if you have any questions better fire away. Have a good week! Love you!
Elder Collings

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