The best two years

I’m not sure what got me interested in becoming a Psychiatrist, but as of
now it’s something I’d like to work towards! I realize that once I’m in
college my major will be switching all over the place. I mean I’ve had like
15 different career interests switches on my mission so it will only be
worse when I’m exposed to more in school haha. But one thing that hasn’t
changed is the fact that I want to travel with work and school. So that’s
kinda orienting my decisions. I’m very excited to continue my education as

Yes I got my Book of Mormon back from Carissa. We haven’t been able to meet
though. We had a really good lesson with her and her mom last Monday but
they canceled all lessons following. It’s hard to keep people committed
here in California. Everyone is so “busy” that they have no time for
anything other than work.

Ryan’s baptism is still on for the 27th but we need to catch him up with a
lot of things. We’ll be able to fit it all but we’re expediting the process
haha (btw, do you still have my passport safe and secure? I’ll need that in
the coming years)

So highlight of the week has to be Steve’s talk given at Stake Conference.
He did a great job! For only being a member for 2 months he sure seemed
comfortable and natural at the pulpit. Today he emailed me and the other
missionaries he’s worked with and said some really nice things. I’ll
forward you the email he sent me. Oh Steve also wants to take me and Elder
LeBaron to Australia when we get home this summer. He said he’s wanted to
go for a while but none of his family wants to go. When he told me that I
immediately seized the opportunity haha. So this week we’re going to meet
with Elder LeBaron and get it all figured out 😂 Steve is a great guy and
I’m happy I’m am able to work with him. (He takes us to lunch and to get
dessert every week, those are where all the pictures of us from him come

I hope you have a great week! Love you!

Elder Collings

This is the letter that Steve wrote. I am grateful that Bridger forwarded it to me. This letter was a testimony to me of why the two year sacrifice has been SO worth it!  I cried reading this letter–it just hit home to me as to how my Son from small town Grantsville has had a hand in the Lord’s work!  -Melissa

Hey Brandon (Brother formerly known as Missionary Elder Condie), Elders Stone, LeBaron, McDaniel and Collings:

First I want to thank all of you guys for the incredible support I received from you guys when you found out that I was talking at Stake Conference. Those phone calls, texts and emails were just what the doctor ordered. You guys made me feel loved. When President Rouza asked me to talk about my conversion story, the missionaries and the Temple trip, I knew this was going to be easy, well on paper anyway. Hey look at my source material; You guys, Our Heavenly Father and our Savior Jesus Christ! Throw in Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, how  could I go wrong. The only problem I had was keeping it at 10 minutes. My first draft was over 30 minutes long. Also I was worried that my story wasn’t really that interesting to anyone except our little circle. Oh I think I was wrong…

I really have to extend a extra very special thanks to Elder Collings and Elder McDaniel. Most people are lucky to have one or two really great missionaries on their spiritual journey to teach them, what the heck, I had 5! Their support I received in helping me prepare for this speech as well as the preparation for my temple visit was above and beyond any new convert could expect from a missionary. Seriously. Add to their impeccable timing at the temple in which we entered the Temple the same time as President Rouza which got this all rolling. Also showing me how to exactly perform the ordinance of baptism  and also them being the proxies for my relatives as well as others that President Rouza had me do. Honestly  I did close to 30 baptisms that day. Also Elder Collings pushing me to tell him my conversion story to President Rouza’s wife. He and his wife were impressed with me, Elder McDaniel and Elder Collings that he extended that invitation to talk at Stake Conference right there. Thank you guys with all the love and brotherhood from the bottom of my heart. I would not have been chosen to speak if not for you. That’s the truth.

I’m not gonna lie, I was nervous when it was my turn to speak. I think my delivery could have been smother but I was happy with the results considering the time constraints that I had. Luckily the two speakers who spoke before and after me were less than stellar. I did get a ton of compliments. People from other wards telling me how much they loved my testimony. Elder Martinez came up to me afterwards and expressed his gratitude for my story about the missionaries saying and talking about his similar experience with them. That was cool. Seriously I made all 5 of you look like champs. That wasn’t really hard to do since you guys are.

I wanted to share that with you. I know you guys are proud of me. I consider every one of you part of my baptism and conversion. I know you guys don’t keep tally but if you are ever asked to name the people you baptized on your mission….you all better say Steve. You better because I  beared (or is it bared)  my testimony that all five of you were part of it.

What an incredible honor and just think because I found the truth by reading the Book of Mormon. I know it’s true and I know that Joseph Smith is a true profit of God and that our church is the only true church.

Man do I ever feel the power of the Holy Ghost right now. It’s amazing what the good Word of God can do. I love you guys and I’m gonna end this letter how in ended my speech .

” One of my favorite quotes, from watching an old video from a past General Conference from 1997, when President Hinckley was talking about Missionaries and Converts and he said ” There is no point in doing missionary work unless we hold on to the fruits of that effort. The two must me inseperable”…  I believe that each one of those missionaries were hand picked by our Heavenly  Father just for me…I don’t know if they believe that’s truI believe that each one of those missionaries were hand picked by our Heavenly  Father just for me…I don’t know if they believe that’s true, e, but I know it’s true…Just like I know this Church is true…and I will bear my testimony to that truth…and I say these things humbly in the name of our Savior Jesus Christ, Amen.”


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