Sorry about not replying last week

Sorry about not replying last week

Hello! No those weren’t the ties we made, I’ll try and get a picture of one
to you. We’re not at our apartment right now. No I haven’t got my glasses
yet, but they should be ready today so I’ll stop in and pick them up. I’ll
try to send a picture in those as well! I got a haircut today and I think
it looks pretty good. For the past 2 weeks we’ve been waking up at 5:50 to
go running and play basketball. I’ve noticed a lot of fat cutting and
muscle toning which is great. We also got some weights in our pad now and
I’ve been lifting but I’m SOOOOO sore from the freaking kettle bell swings

I’ve bought a few pairs of 32-32 pants so I’m not in need but more
definitely wouldn’t hurt, I only have like 3 now. But I am hurting for some
new white shirts! I’m wearing a missionaries white shirts who went home 3
months ago so they’re 25 months old and looking rough. So that would be
great. I’m a size 16 neck and some nice athletic fit white shirts would be
nice. I do have one request though! Could you send me a few sets of some
nice workout clothes? I’m wearing like the same two shirts and two shorts
which I’m sure you’ve noticed in all the pictures I send home. So that
would be greatly appreciated.

Elder Hansen emailed me back for the first time yesterday two haha. He’s
going to be back in the mission in November 18th. So I hope to see him.

Lauryn’s baptism went great! Their was a great turn out and she had a lot
of support. Her parents came as well. Also, she’s really leaning towards
serving a mission in a year which is great! Nothing will bless her more.

We found a really cool investigator last night named Ariana who we are
going to meet with again tonight, I really hope she progresses! We found
her out cleaning her garage and we got into a gospel conversation that was
great. She would’ve probably talked to us for hours with great questions
but we had another appointment to get to. Tonight we’re taking her a Book
of Mormon. Other than that, nobody’s really going anywhere which sucks. But
we’ll keep looking and hoping someone comes into our path![image:
[image: praying.jpeg][image: standing.jpeg]
Anyways if you have any questions let me know! I want to answer as many as
I can because I feel bad for last week haha. Love you!

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