President Collings and Tracy at the MTC

President Collings and Tracy at the MTC

It was SO great to get this blog post from Tracy:

We have an Elder Collings in the MTC too! Steve’s cousin’s son is here.
They have lived close by us for years, and our son is good friends with
him. We looked for him for three days. Finally on Sunday, we went to the
information desk and asked it it would be appropriate to see him while we
were here. They jumped up and said absolutely!!

A quick phone call to his zone leader, and Elder Collings was there. He
had such a light about him. He smiled the whole time, and talked about how
his training is going. He will be leaving the day after us, and is so
excited to serve a mission. We are so impressed with what a geat young man
he is. What a fun experience to be able to see him while he is in the MTC!
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