This past week has been good to us!

Tฤlofa! So I figured I’d throw a curve ball and email right off the bat ๐Ÿ˜‰ First off, we had transfer calls Saturday night. We we’re with our Zone Leaders at Buffalo Wild Wings because it’s tradition! They got a call from the AP’s about the transfers so they ran out to the car but wouldn’t let us listen in haha. Anyways, me and Elder Hathaway will be together one more transfer here in good old Hacienda. A ton of changes have been made in the zone. They actually combined our zone with another zone so now we have a mega zone haha. Elder Hansen is still my Zone Lord which I’m excited about but, he gets a new companion named Elder Stucki. He seems pretty cool! I’m excited to see the changes and meet some new missionaries!!
This past week has been really good to us. We were able to start teaching Steven and had some great lessons with him. Elder Hansen and I, (We were on exchanges) taught him the word of wisdom on Friday. We asked how we could help him with his coffee haha. We told him we’d take it off his hands and he happily agreed. So he gave us like $50 bucks worth of coffee haha. He’s doing so well, he’s just very sick so it’s hard to schedule times to meet. We pushed his date back to the 19th so we could teach him everything before he gets dunked. His wife and kid are progressing really well with the Chinese sisters as well!
We also had some great lessons with Natalie. We had a family home evening with her family and a family in the ward, The Johnson’s. It went super well! It started with a dinner and then they asked us to give the lesson (of course). After that we played some games and got to know everyone better. It was a blast haha! I took some videos that night that I’ll send home. Later in the week we had a lesson and put Natalie on date for the 25th of March. She was super excited and told her husband when he got home.
We’re pushing really hard to get him re-activated so he can baptize her and I think he’ll be able to do it. They all showed up to church yesterday and looked great! Her two kids, Ryan(7) and Jay(3) came all dressed up and even had some little future missionaries tags! Natalie and Johnathan (Her husband) really enjoyed the Gospel Principles class as well. It was a lesson on The Family: A Proclamation to the World. They were eating everything up. I’m super excited to see her progress in the Gospel.
Max is still struggling with drinking. He called us over yesterday to have a lesson and by the time we showed up he was passed out in his car drunk haha. So we woke him up and walked him into the house and he was just all over the place. The only thing we can do for him at this point is just try and get him to the ARP meetings on Wednesday.
We had a lot of fun this past week. Last P-Day we went on a district hike, I’ll send pictures! It’s just a great life here in the Lords vineyard. Me and Hathaway are excited to be here and we see a lot of miracles coming in the near future! The Samoans are treating us well as always. Yesterday after a ward lunch, they packed us up with 5 to-go boxes of food haha. One of the members looked at me and said, “Elder! You’re getting fat!” Hahaha. Then they praised me for becoming a Samoan. I’ll send pictures and videos later when I’m at the church where there’s better wifi. I love you! Let me know if there’s anything I can do or answer for you!
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6 Investigators at church again!

Hello! So I discovered something super cool this past week! I’ve told you that I’ve wanted to go to Norway. I’m still studying the language and everything. I think it’d be dope to go the the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and study there. Idk why but I just really want to do this. This past week we had an investigator named Steven, I’ll tell you about him later. He wanted us to take him to do family history, so we did and got him all set up with the representatives there. Elder Hathaway and I had some time to burn so we hopped on the computers as well. I started going through my family tree and all that jazz then remembered that email you sent me back in August, the one about your DNA results! I haven’t been able to look at it on my iPad and just forgot about it. So I went through my email and found it on the computer and pulled it up! LITTLE DID I KNOW THAT NORWEGIAN BLOOD RUNS THROUGH MY VEINS! That was so exciting ๐Ÿ™‚
This past week was a great one! We had 6 people at church again. Natalie came again that was exciting! She bought her two boys suits for church, ones 7 and the other is 3. Her husband, Johnathan, also came and he’s a less active. This guy named Israel showed up to church. He told us he wants to be baptized and that God told him this is the church he needs to join. This area has so much potential and we’re super excited to see many miracles happen. Steven (the guy I was talking about last week) is on date to be baptized March 12th. He’s one of my favorite people. He’s a 52 year old Irish dude that just moved here from China. The Chinese sisters taught him for a while then passed him off to us because he doesn’t speak any Chinese.
He has cancer and isn’t expected to make it past November which is such a sad thing, but we’re so happy we can help him on his way to eternal life and back to our Heavenly Father. He’s such a humble man. His wife who is Chinese is being taught by the sisters and she has severe MS and isn’t expected to make it long either. We don’t know what will happen to their daughter who is 8 years old but I’m sure things will work themselves out. It’s such a blessing to be able to teach them about the Plan of Salvation and how families can be together forever. I don’t think there’s anyone else in this mission who could benefit from our message more than they can.
We have family home evening with Natalie and her family tonight at 6 and we’re going to try and put her on date. This week so many great things with some awesome people have happened. I wish I had time to express everything! I hope you have a great week seeing all those church sites! Have fun and I love you!
P.S. I heard Planet Earth 2 came out?! Make sure to get that on blue ray for me to watch when I get home ๐Ÿ˜‰
Elder Collings

10 investigators at on Church Sunday!

Hello! Yes we had interviews last week, it went good! I love President Villanueva, he’s such a good guy! He has so much love for us missionaries. I’m in the Hacienda Heights South Zone. Nah the baptism didn’t happen. Max was progressing good but a week before the baptism we picked him up to go to the temple with him and he was wasted. He couldn’t even stand up. So, we collected all his alcohol and took off. He also came to church wasted this past Sunday too. He’s a great guy and has awesome intentions he just needs to get over his addiction. Yes, I got the pictures and video! Brooklynn has been doing really good at sending me pictures and videos as well. No, I haven’t emailed Colton, hopefully I’ll email him later today. No, I haven’t sent the package haha. My bad! I’ll send it I promise, but I need some funds to do so ๐Ÿ™‚ and, yes I got the package with the sugar cookies and everything, thanks!! I took the cookies to district meeting and everyone loved them. The tie was super dope! But it’s a little too thin haha. I have more pictures and videos to send and stuff to talk about but right now we’re at McDonald’s and the Wifi would take 7 days to send so I’ll send more later today. I’ll answer your other questions from last week too, I just can’t remember what the are right now haha.
I’m doing good! The work here is great. We had 10 investigators at church Sunday and I really think we could have like 2 baptism in the next transfer. I’m getting fat though haha. The Samoans feed us so much it’s ridiculous. Elder Hathaway is putting on the pounds too, but he won’t go running with me in the mornings. He’s too lazy haha.

Work is great!

The work here is going great, we’re in a finding phase right now and that’s not the most fun. I’m getting anxious for a nice sit down lesson where I can actually teach and answer questions. Lately it’s just been like 7 minute lessons on people’s doorsteps before they kindly hint to us leaving haha. But whatever gets the word out there right? Max is doing awesome. He’s still on track to be baptized on the 18th, we’re heading to the temple visitors center this Saturday and that will be great. We’ve had some good success in Samoan work as well but it’s still slow. We asked yesterday in church where we could get some lava lavas and like 3 members were like, “We got you Elders, next week!” So I’m pumped to get some haha?
Me and Elder Hathaway really get along, he’s a great missionary and has a lot of desire to get out there and find people to teach. The members are awesome and we just got a new bishopric and our bishop is very missionary minded. He grew up in Dads missions. I guess Disneyland was in his ward, John Peterson is his name. There’s really nothing new to talk about, sorry haha. Next week I’ll have some good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a great week!
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Elder Collings – Notes From The Field

Tฤlofa! This past week has been great! I don’t have much time to email though and I forgot my iPad picture thing so, I don’t have many pictures either haha… but it’s been a great week!
First off you’re probably most excited to hear about the Samoan stuff haha. Sacrament meeting was crazy. I had no clue what was going on haha ? Although most of the Samoans speak English, they do all the meetings in Samoan so, that’s beyond me. The hymns sound cool even though they’re kinda hard to sing. The food is great! We get fed everyday and a lot of it is home cooked. We eat a lot of rice and meats and a ton of fried chicken. I’ve already gained like 10 pounds being here? I told Elder Hathaway we have to go running tomorrow morning and he agreed. The ward is like one big family, everyone is related somehow. They’re also so loving and welcoming. There is not much work going on there though. The only work we get is from referrals but, it’s all good.
The English ward is cool too. I feel like it’s full of old people though haha. Coming from East Pasadena there’s definitely an age gap. Me and Elder Hathaway have been working hard, we found 15 new investigators this past week and will meet with them all again this week. We have one investigator on date to be baptized and his name is Max. He’s seen how happy the Gospel makes him and is excited to be baptized but needs to work through some Word of Wisdom issues first but I think it won’t be too much of a problem for him. His date is the 18th of February!
I’m doing good, and staying busy! I just wish I was back on a bike sometimes but that’s okay haha. I’ll be good ๐Ÿ™‚ Could you send me some of those Jesus Sandal things? All the Samoans wear sandals and lavalavas to church and I need some sick sandals to fit in ๐Ÿ˜‰ The kind Brooklynn has, the tan ones ๐Ÿ™‚ if you could do that, that would be great ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m a size 11. Other than that I don’t need anything ๐Ÿ™‚ I love you and hope you have a good week!

Tฤlofa to Samoan work!!

Well, you would NOT guess how transfers went haha! We got a call from the AP’s Saturday afternoon and you only get a call from them if you have been given a special assignment. They asked for Elder Jensen and I didn’t know what to expect. They told him he had been assigned to be the Bike Elder of the mission. Normally the bike Elders serve in Spanish work near Arcadia. So, we figured he was gone and I was staying. Then they let him know the other bike Elder was coming to East Pasadena along with the responsibility. So that means Elder Collings is gonzo!
About an hour later we get a call from the Zone Leaders telling me where I was headed. Well… bon voyage to East Pasadena and Tฤlofa to Samoan work!! I will also be covering the Hacienda Heights 1st ward as well. My new companions name is Elder Hathaway and he’s only been out 3 months so he’s just out of training. We get a car because our new area in the Samoan ward has no boundaries. Basically we cover like 4 missions now. I’m not sure how the work goes yet or how we even find these people but I’m excited to get going. My new Samoan tags should come soon! I’m pumped for those bad boys?
It will definitely be hard to leave some people behind in East Pasadena, but I’m sure there are great people in the other 2 wards I’m serving in as well. Elder Hansen got transfered to the same Zone I’m in and is now my Zone Leader so it will be good to still see him each week. My new comp., Elder Hathaway is a cool kid. He’s from Rexburg Idaho and is way good at basketball (We’re balling right now). I’ll have to take some pictures with him and send them later. We live in a 2 pad so it’s only us now which I’m actually pretty excited about. One thing I am certainly not looking forward to is the weight I am bound to gain haha.
The missionary I’m replacing was here for 4 1/2 months and gained 40 pounds. Another Elder I know gained 60 pounds while he was here. I guess we get fed everyday, if not twice a day. The members live all over the L.A. County so we will be doing a lot of traveling to get around. Pray for me to keep my weight under the 250’s please? I guess it’s disrespectful to turn down 2nds so there is no way I’m dodging this bullet haha.
The area just had a baptism this past transfer but now it’s pretty dead. We’re going to have to work hard to bring it up! But I’m sure we’ll do the work to get to where we need too! I’m excited to see where this area takes me and who I’m going to meet here. I

Love you and hope you have a great week!
Elder Collings

I’m alive

Hello Mom! Sorry for the late email, it’s been a busy day. Last week was super busy as well! We went to play ball then went shopping with the other Elders we live with. That night we ended up going to Buffalo Wild Wings with Rico and didn’t get home to late and at that point we missed our opportunity to email. So sorry! I won’t have to much time to email tonight either but I will make sure to email Colton. I got an email from him tonight and had a very humbling experience today that I’d like to share with him.
The missionary work is going well! We’re in a good finding mode right now looking for the elect. Recently we’ve had some good success but nothing too exciting. We had a few investigators at church this past Sunday and even Nate showed up again! It was good to see him and the members were happy to have him there again. We got a new bishopric this past Sunday. Brother Bradford is now the Bishop and he’s super cool and missionary work oriented! We’re going on splits with him tomorrow night. Richard is doing well and loves the Book of Mormon. He’s still declining a baptismal date though… he’s waiting for that magical spiritual experience to tell him to get dunked but he’s not noticing all the other spiritual experiences all around him. Natalea is still super solid! We’re working with her to get a patriarchal blessing and a temple recommend.
Transfer calls are this Saturday and Elder Jensen and I are very anxious to see what happens! We’re well over due for a change but we have no clue who will be staying and who will be going. I’d be happy to go but at the same time staying here in East Pasadena would be awesome. I guess whatever the Lord has in store for me will work! Elder Jensen is still continuing to struggle. I stopped him and had a chat with him tonight. We both agree that he needs to work on his attitude and urgency towards The Lords work. I guess we’ll see if there are any changes this week.
I’m doing pretty fantastic myself and am happy to be here doing work ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been pretty hard to stay motivated this past week but I had a good chat with the Zone Leaders and will finish this transfer strong. ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved the video of Brooklynn being a nerd haha, I sure do miss her. Have her email me will you? She’s awesome and I look forward to spending some good quality time with here when I get home before she goes off and does her thing. Maybe we’ll go to college together hahah. All depends on where you guys are willing to pay for us to go ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyways I’m gonna start emailing Colton ๐Ÿ™‚ I love you and hope you have a good night!
Congratulations to Billie and Caleb!! What a Blessing! Also I have a package ready to send home to you guys. Rico is one of the Zone Leaders investigators. He’s super thug hahah. He just moved here from Chicago and he’s a Rapper. He showed up some of his music and it’s actually pretty well done! It’s by no means missionary approved music though haha. I’ve taught him a few times and he plays ball with us on P-Days. He’s 6’6″ 250lbs. He’s gonna be a Mormon soon too ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll send a video of us listening to his song haha. I just bought a new suit this last week with some mission funds I’ve been saving up and it’s good looking. The Elder I was with was Elder Cottle. He’s a super cool and good missionary! He’s in our zone and hangs out with us on P-Days. He was companions with Elder Jensen in the MTC.

Happy New Year!

Hello! This is your son, Elder Collings. Guess what I got to go see this morning! The Rose Parade! I’ve never heard of it before my mission but since I’ve been here that all everyone’s talked about. It was insane! I guess it’s the largest parade next to Macy’s Day Parade. Everyone starts camping out the day before at noon to save seats and a member saved us some killer front row seats right next to PCC. We rode down the parade route last night and I could’ve sworn I was at Times Square with how many people were lining the streets in tents and chairs.
It’s like a big war on Colorado (The parade street name) the night before the parade. Cars will drive down Colorado with windows and doors down throwing tortillas and shaving cream at all the campers and they retaliate with eggs and silly string hahaha. Elder Jensen about had a panic attack when I told him we were going to ride down but we came out scotch clean thanks to the spirit?? I’ll send a bunch of pictures and videos from that.
New Years Eve was pretty boring. Nothing happened and we all just went to bed at 10:30 haha. Everyday seems the same as a missionary unless it’s a P-Day. Now that’s a holiday to celebrate. I haven’t made any New Years resolutions or anything but I’m sure I’ll come up with a couple of goals. Nothing too exciting has happened recently to be honest. Just a normal week of Finding and trying to build up or investigator pool.
Did you have the opportunity to send me a Polaroid camera? ๐Ÿ™‚ Also can you put some money into my account? I want to send some stuff home that I’ve accumulated over the past few months. Also I’d like to get my stuff tailored. Also money for a new suit if that’s a possibility ๐Ÿ™‚ Just let me know fam. I got some Rose Bowl stuff too with some money from a member. I’ll send that home as well.
Elder Collings

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