I really enjoyed Conference. They were some power sessions. I enjoyed Elder
Anderson’s talk and President Nelson’s talk the most.

I’ll give you an update of the week later but I’ll give some insights rn.
This last Saturday, we got transfer calls which I think is crazy because
that was literally the fastest transfer ever. I forgot to even tell you
last week because it just snuck up so fast haha. But I will be getting a
new companion. Elder LeBaron is going to Hacienda Heights 1st Ward though!
I’ve been telling him all about the people he needs to visit.

I will get my companion Tuesday. I’m training once again so I’m excited to
see who my companion will be! That would be cool if it was Elder Lesa but
like I said I didn’t see him on the list of incoming missionaries so I
don’t know what’s going on with him. Also the Zone Leaders we live with,
Elders Hathaway and Allard, are training as well. So we’ll have 2 greenies
in the apartment. I’m excited to train but a bit nervous because I don’t
feel like I have a complete grasp on the ward after just 6 weeks here. But
it will be great for the trainee if both our baptisms go through this

I got my new suit!! It’s the greatest. It’s the same suit I found at Macy’s
so good job 😉 I only took one picture in it though and it was with my
District. I’ll have to take others out in the sun light where the suit
really looks good. But I’ll sent the picture. Thank you sooooo much!

Elder Collings

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