This week has been good. We still don’t have really anyone to teach which is a bummer. I feel like everyone we were teaching has just stalled where they are. Hopefully things will change with them in the future though. We have been trying hard to find, but so far nothing really promising. We found a girl named Crystal and she was super interested and had been talking with her grandma about a church to attend. I guess her grandma had told her to check out a Mormon church! We found her visiting a referral but she’s been gone all week. Maybe she’ll meet with us this coming week.
We’re also helping two other missionaries teach there 3 investigators. One of their young women referred 3 of her friends and because there’s no males there, we decided to help teach. If we weren’t there I feel the lesson would have been awful haha. It’s just us and the 4, 18 year old girls. The elders we are helping were super awkward around them hahah. So we just sat there for like 30 minutes and nothing was even being taught so I just decided to take over their lesson. After that I felt it went really well. One of the girls, Erin, seems genuinely interested. Carmen really wanted us to come back but I think she’s more interested in us than the message haha. And Liz is just stuck in her Calvary Chapel ways but she’s cool too. Overall solid group.
Me and Elder Condie had to give talks yesterday in the Samoan ward. President and Sister Villanueva were supposed to speak but he called us Thursday and said he had to go to a Stake Conference instead. So he assigned us and one of his counselors to take his place. I feel it went good. My talk was on missionary work and I based it on examples the original apostles gave us to follow. I tried to break the ice with a joke in the beginning but I don’t think they understood my serious sarcasticness and didn’t even realize it was supposed to be a joke so that was a little awkward hahah. I had to do some impromptu speaking after that because I was relying on that joke to carry me to my next point haha. But oh well, what can you do?!
All in all the week has been decent. Nothing super noteworthy to speak about but it wasn’t necessary a bad week either. I think I’ve lost weight if that counts for anything haha. I no longer eat out every meal with Hathaway so that’s a plus. I’m excited to talk to you guys on Mother’s Day! Idk what time or where I’ll be but I’ll have that figured out next week. Thanks for all that you do! Love you guys!
Elder Collings

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