Last week’s letter!

Last week’s letter!

Well I don’t have much time, I’ve been busy today and didn’t leave myself
much time to email but that’s okay because you guys didn’t even email at
all so however much I write is like a billion times more than I got from
you 😉 This week was good, we had Zone Conference and we learned about how
to deal with rejection. It was actually really good, we all felt like going
out in our areas and looking for people to reject us afterwards haha.

We also did some service for some investigators in my last area, the
Adamsons. They had us sweep their roof free of pine needles because this
hugs tree is constantly dropping them. We also washed their cars then they
ordered us some pizza, but I didn’t have any because I’m fixin to look
good. I’ve already lost nearly 15 pounds. I only had 6 meals last week
hahah. I’m intermittent fasting and it’s working well. I’m surprisingly not
hungry at all. I still crave food but my willpower is far beyond me
slipping at this point haha. Today my only meal was a plate of green-beans.

We had another Samoan wedding this past week. Except this one was
interesting because it was half Samoan and half Tongan. We got to see some
Tongan culture as well, a lot is very similar but their were cool touches
here and their. Juju and Tsunami (Paio) got married! I really like Paio
he’s pretty reserved but over the past 7 months I think he likes me as well!

We had 4 investigators at church this past week. The ones I like the most
are Kelly and Alejandra. Kelly is a recent convert of only 2 years and him
and his wife Kelly moved here about 2 months ago with their newborn girl.
Alejandra is awesome, she’s come to church twice now and already believes
everything we’ve taught her. Kelly has helped her so much and is the
perfect fellowshipper. I can see her getting baptized soon but I doubt I’ll
be here for it. Transfers are in 2 weeks and I’m destined to leave. I hope
not, but the odds are slim haha. Anyways, I hope you all had a fun weekend
and I hope to hear from you at some point! Love you!

Elder Collings

Hee was SO excited to get to eat at Cafe Rio!

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