Labor Day E-mail

Labor Day E-mail

I still feel like dirt but on the bright side my fever broke about 2 nights
ago so that’s a plus, hopefully it doesn’t come back. Right now I still
have a wicked cough and 0 energy/strength. I’ve never been sick to where I
feel sooo week! I don’t know if I’ve just never noticed it or if I’m
getting old or what, but I have no strength to do anything. I feel for all
those old sick people now haha. I have been taking it easy but at the same
time we’ve still been working. I’ve been told by a lady in the ward who’s a
pharmacist to call the Dr. and get on something else so I’ll probably call

Yes, I got Mallory’s package! That was very nice of her and I’m super
grateful she took the time to put that together, she came in clutch with
those FavRed Starburts haha. Tell her thank you so much! I also got cards
from both Grandparents, tell them thanks as well! I’m going to email them
personally but if I can’t get around to it help me out. Also thanks to
Brook for putting together that video! That was fun to watch and see how
people have changed. Thanks Brook!

Yes I’m on a bike. It’s good for me but it hasn’t been fun lately,
especially with a fever and it being 107 degrees outside haha. But it’ll
cool down soon enough and I’ll be better soon as well, so it will be a good
way to get into shape. I don’t need a car for being district leader, only
the Zone Leaders need cars so they can pick up everyone’s mail and supplies
each week. This week we have Zone Conference so I won’t have to prepare a
district meeting, whoop whoop! That’s stressful haha.

Lauren is doing good! There’s nothing that will stop that girl from being
baptized! She has 0 support from friends and family but she has come to see
how the gospel has already changed her life. She won’t let anything get in
the way of her and her Heavenly Father. She came to church and we had a few
lessons with her last week. But tomorrow will be interesting because we’ll
meet with her and her mom. We hope her mom will open up a little and see
how this has been affecting her daughters life and hopefully hop on the
church train as well haha.

From what the Zone Leaders said I guess Sister Wells really liked the video
and it made her laugh! That’s about the extent of what I’ve heard haha.
That’s cool that you went and saw those cool places! I’ll probably never
see them in my life so you’ll have to tell me all about them when I get

What do you think about a new suit? I think it’s time. All my pants look
saggy on me. I’ve gone down maybe 4 waist sizes about now. I need some
fitted clothes.

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