July 31

July 31


Yes, Octopus was super gross haha. The tentacles weren’t as bad but you saw
me eat like part of the arm or something. I’m glad I tried it but I almost
threw up, super gross… yeah we’ve been doing a lot of stuff such as
family history this past week. Elder Crandall got pretty sick last Tuesday.
He saw the doctor on Thursday and the doctor said he has a virus similar to
bronchitis and told him to stay home for like 3 days. So we’ve been all
cooped up this whole week. It’s been super sucky but Elder Crandall is
pretty sick so there’s not much we can do. Elder Condie is starting to get
it but me and Elder Stone have still been avoiding it. There’s really not
much to talk about this past week other than the Samoan Family reunion! It
was a whole week and everyday they had something different going on. We
were invited to a lot of the events and it was really cool to be a part of!
President and Sister Wells came for one of the dinners on Friday and spent
the night with us, and the ward which was very cool! Sister Wells LOVES the
Samoans. Her Sister is currently in Tonga for some reason and she feels
this is a good way to bond with her. President Wells showed up in his
Samoan attire as well haha. He was looking good!

Me and Elder Crandall had to give talks in the Creekside ward yesterday. I
feel like my ability to give talks is getting much better. I don’t get as
nervous which is a plus haha. I spoke on the Restoration so it was an easy
topic for me to write a talk on. We also taught the combined youth about
the apostasy during the third hour. After the class, all of the leaders
and some of the youth came up to us asking us for our notes so they could
learn more. I feel it went really well! So now I’m off the hook for giving
lesson and talks at least for the near future haha.

We had some lessons but they were just normal lessons with people who
aren’t really progressing at this point. Today was pretty fun. We got
together and had a Zone activity. We played softball and Wilson ball then
had a BBQ at the park. It was super fun being together as a Zone doing
social things.

I’m jealous of the Oregon trip! It looks like you guys have so much fun!
And that’s crazy that Billie and Caleb are having another kid!! They’ll
have 2 kids by the time I get home and I won’t have met either one of them
haha. Tell them congratulations!! Also, good luck to Colton at his new job!
Soon he’ll take over the company and maybe he’ll be kind enough to let me
be janitor or something.

I’m glad everyone is doing okay though and I’m grateful for the love I feel
out here in SoCal from all of those at home. I know there’s no better place
for me to be other than right here in Walnut CA and I’m excited to continue
working in the Lords vineyard. I know the Book of Mormon is true and that
the same church Jesus Christ established during his earthly ministry is
found once again in this day! I hope everyone will put forth an effort to
read the Book of Mormon and gain their OWN opinion of what it is and what
it contains. I love you all!

Elder Collings

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