It’s CRAZY to think I only have 6 months left!

It’s CRAZY to think I only have 6 months left!

Hello! I hope you had a good week. My week was pretty good! Nothing too
special happened other than just normal missionary routine but it was good!
District Meeting this week went well. I taught on the importance and the
how to of studying. I always feel like I learn way more just planning and
preparing for the meeting than others do listening to me teach haha. I
think that’s by design, often times teachers need the most teaching in
their lives. After the meeting I realized that we need to help our
investigators study the Book of Mormon. Often times we just deliver the
answers to them but it’s better if we guide them to the general area then
have them find the answer in their own personal studies. We’ve been
applying that so we’ll see how it goes!

President Wells wants us all to read the New Testament as a mission by the
end of May (The end of my mission haha). So I started reading in the book
of Matthew and I’m really hoping to study and apply the things Christ
teaches. My Scripture reading has changed a lot recently. It’s come to the
point where I won’t read unless I’m marking, memorizing, and mastering the
Doctrine taught within. If I’m just causally reading I feel like I’m
wasting time. So now that we’re planning on finishing the New Testament in
6 months I’m really excited to dive in.

Our investigators are doing well. We’re working with 3 progress people
right now. Kenny and his wife are friends of members that were invited to
church one Sunday. They came and really enjoyed it! We talked with them
about their religious background and spiritual goals. They’re from China
but have been here for 20 years. They’re Christian but weren’t to into
their last church. They’re excited to continue coming and to learn more
about our church.

Ariana is the next investigator. She’s super cool! She’s 26 with a 1 year
old daughter. We met like 3 weeks ago but she’s been super busy. Recently a
lot has happened in her life and she’s turned away from God. She hadn’t
been responding to our texts and we couldn’t catch her at home. A few days
ago Elder Boulette had a prompting to visit a less-active family that
hasn’t been known to welcome the missionaries. I’ve stopped by their house
many times so I was against visiting them, but we did it anyways. Turns out
they still weren’t nice (I called it haha) BUT as we were biking to the
house, Ariana saw us out on the streets. She took that as a sign and text
us immediately. We went over 5 minutes later and spent the rest of the
night teaching her. She’s had a ton of signs given to her that are
directing her to the church which she has started to recognize. We taught
her about the Book of Mormon and left her with 2 chapters to read to find
answers to her questions (2 Nephi 31, Alma 32). She’s super eager to find
out if the Book is true. I have faith that she’ll find the answer! I think
she’s definitely prepared and will go far if she continues to seek God.

Other than that, like I said it’s been a basic week! It’s CRAZY to think I
only have 6 months left here in a few days! I’m not excited to be in the
tail end of my mission. I know it’s going to fly by, like it already has. I
have realized lately that I need to cherish all the little moments of
missionary work that I take for granted.

Thanks for all you do for me! I hope you all have a good week and search
the scriptures! Let me know if I can do anything for anyone at home. I’ll
email other family here soon.

Elder Collings


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