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Hello Mom! Sorry for the late email, it’s been a busy day. Last week was super busy as well! We went to play ball then went shopping with the other Elders we live with. That night we ended up going to Buffalo Wild Wings with Rico and didn’t get home to late and at that point we missed our opportunity to email. So sorry! I won’t have to much time to email tonight either but I will make sure to email Colton. I got an email from him tonight and had a very humbling experience today that I’d like to share with him.
The missionary work is going well! We’re in a good finding mode right now looking for the elect. Recently we’ve had some good success but nothing too exciting. We had a few investigators at church this past Sunday and even Nate showed up again! It was good to see him and the members were happy to have him there again. We got a new bishopric this past Sunday. Brother Bradford is now the Bishop and he’s super cool and missionary work oriented! We’re going on splits with him tomorrow night. Richard is doing well and loves the Book of Mormon. He’s still declining a baptismal date though… he’s waiting for that magical spiritual experience to tell him to get dunked but he’s not noticing all the other spiritual experiences all around him. Natalea is still super solid! We’re working with her to get a patriarchal blessing and a temple recommend.
Transfer calls are this Saturday and Elder Jensen and I are very anxious to see what happens! We’re well over due for a change but we have no clue who will be staying and who will be going. I’d be happy to go but at the same time staying here in East Pasadena would be awesome. I guess whatever the Lord has in store for me will work! Elder Jensen is still continuing to struggle. I stopped him and had a chat with him tonight. We both agree that he needs to work on his attitude and urgency towards The Lords work. I guess we’ll see if there are any changes this week.
I’m doing pretty fantastic myself and am happy to be here doing work ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s been pretty hard to stay motivated this past week but I had a good chat with the Zone Leaders and will finish this transfer strong. ๐Ÿ™‚ I loved the video of Brooklynn being a nerd haha, I sure do miss her. Have her email me will you? She’s awesome and I look forward to spending some good quality time with here when I get home before she goes off and does her thing. Maybe we’ll go to college together hahah. All depends on where you guys are willing to pay for us to go ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyways I’m gonna start emailing Colton ๐Ÿ™‚ I love you and hope you have a good night!
Congratulations to Billie and Caleb!! What a Blessing! Also I have a package ready to send home to you guys. Rico is one of the Zone Leaders investigators. He’s super thug hahah. He just moved here from Chicago and he’s a Rapper. He showed up some of his music and it’s actually pretty well done! It’s by no means missionary approved music though haha. I’ve taught him a few times and he plays ball with us on P-Days. He’s 6’6″ 250lbs. He’s gonna be a Mormon soon too ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ll send a video of us listening to his song haha. I just bought a new suit this last week with some mission funds I’ve been saving up and it’s good looking. The Elder I was with was Elder Cottle. He’s a super cool and good missionary! He’s in our zone and hangs out with us on P-Days. He was companions with Elder Jensen in the MTC.

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