I did get a letter!

Good afternoon! Sorry for the late email, I wrote it Monday but never had wifi to send it. I got permission to send it this morning…
Hello! Here’s pictures from this past week. We got transfer calls Saturday and Elder Hathaway was sent to my old area in East Pasadena! That was pretty cool to see him go there. I told him about all the people he needs to follow up with. I guess Richard is on date and so is Nate! Those are 2 of my old investigators so that’s awesome. Also a less active we started working with in East Pasadena, Sarah Savin, went through the temple! My new companion is named Elder Condie. He’s from West Jordan and he is a very good missionary. I’m excited to work with him. And yes, we went to the temple and did a session, that’s where I took the picture like Dad on his mission.
Easter Sunday was great! It was cool to have an Easter Sunday with a more detailed understanding of the Atonement and the Resurrection. Me and Elder Hathaway had a good week. We picked up 6 new investigators but one just moved to India for 3 months so that’s 5 haha. We’ll meet with a lot of them within these next few days. We tracked out an Elder from a Presbyterian church the other day and he invited us in which means he’s either already a member or he wants to bash haha. I’m sure you can guess which one he was.
We went in and he instantly started asking our opinion on different theories and ideas. Like every question he asked Elder Hathaway was getting frustrated and trying to convince him of different things. I just tried to answer all of his questions with a smile on my face. He asked about Adam and Eve and our idea on that. Elder Hathaway doesn’t have much knowledge on that so he just turned to me and said, “Elder Collings?”, Haha at made me laugh. Anyways I talked to him about our beliefs and why we think this. We gave him a Book of Mormon (which he wouldn’t accept at first) and told him where he could read about it. He was interested he just didn’t want to show it. We have a return appointment with him this Wednesday so we’ll see how that goes 🙂
Easter was fun! After church a Samoan member drove us out to Ontario and we spent most the day there. It was the members and her 9 siblings and their kids. They loaded us up with food haha. They said Elder Hathaway was about to start his diet by leaving so, they sent us home with 4 take home boxes each haha.
We did a little experiment last Friday. We went to this complex place and decided we’d knock on 100 doors and record the results. Here they are:
Tracting: April 14, 2017. 10:30am-3:00pm
Houses Knocked: 100
No Answers: 62
Answers: 38
Rejections: 28
Receiving: 10
I’m excited to see what happens this coming transfer, I feel like it will be hard but good. I’m sad to see Elder Hathaway go, he’s become one of my best friends on the mission but he’ll do great in East Pas. Elder Hansen is still here as my Zone Leader so that’s a plus as well haha. I got your Easter package and also the towel, thank you!! And the money you sent me I’m using for mission stuff right now (food, laundry, hygiene, etc.) because I used my mission funds to get some new shoes and a new bag haha. So in about 2 weeks we get more mission funds and I’ll use that to get a camera. I’m still hoping mine will turn up. Until then I’m just sharing with Elder Condie.
Anyways I’m excited to talk to you guys in a few weeks! It feels like Christmas was just last week and it’s already Mothers Day! Time has zipped by like a vacation. Let me know if there’s anything I can do for y’alls. Love you and talk to you next week!
Elder Collings

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