Hump Day!

Hump day was pretty good! The day before me and Elder Crandall were on exchanges and had to go to East Pasadena to drop off some mission bikes that were here at our pad. So it was cool going back there! I also got to see Elder Hathaway since he’s the bike elder and he’s also covering East Pasadena. We had one of the members there, Brother Flores, take us to dinner. Then on the day of hump day it was basically just like any other day except I got your package, thank you! I’ve actually been wanting a Norwegian book so you read my mind πŸ˜‚ And thank you for the calendar, ties, and bread as well. The Elders I live) with appreciated the bread very much haha. Then me and Elder Crandall went to the Rays and burnt our shirts there together.
I’ll try and give you an in depth review of my week, the struggles and the blessings that come from being a missionary! This past week was pretty good. Every week is good as a missionary but this week was above average. Last Monday we got together as a Zone and played basketball and volleyball. My zone consists of about 26 missionaries, sisters and elders. Playing volleyball was great, I haven’t played since the MTC. Elder Hansen and I were on a team. Me and him tore it up haha. A bunch of sisters were on our team as well and they did nothing so me and Elder Hansen just took control and whooped every one in the Zone πŸ˜‚
I went on exchanges with an Elder named Elder Barber on Saturday. He’s an awesome missionary! He just finished serving as an AP which is the highest position of leadership you can have as a missionary. He taught me a lot the day I was with him. I hope to be as good as he is when I’m about done!
On Sunday it was stake conference. We had 2 of our investigators there but the one who’s supposed to get baptized next week didn’t show up. Now we have to push his date back another week. But all is well. I guess he had to go into work because his boss was threatening to fire him or something. Last night we had dinner with the Rays. They’re a family who feeds us every single Sunday. Us and the Chinese elder’s and sister go and hang out for like 2 hours there every Sunday night and eat and talk. I look forward to that every week!
It’s crazy what you appreciate as a missionary and what gets you pumped haha. Like at home I’d be excited to go to another country for a week but here I get excited if someone waves back to me in the carπŸ˜‚ It’s a real struggle sometimes haha. This morning we just got done playing basketball with 6 other missionaries and now we’re about to go to Costco to get our groceries then I want to go buy a painting from this guy that sells them at the street corner. But I’ll probably go buy some pants instead, I’m in need of a new pair.
All in all it was a good week. Taught a lot and have a lot going on. Oh could you send me my GoPro? That would be great! I don’t have a camera and that would be a good one to have out here. Love you!
Elder Collings

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