Hello Mom!

Hello Mom!
1. My first week with Crandall was great, we found some people and have a pretty good plan for the area since we’re basically white washing it.
2. Yes, Zion and Ziggy got baptized yesterday after church! The whole ward stayed to support them and all the primary kids were there to sing musical numbers. It was great! President and Sister Wells also came to the baptism!
3. I hope to teach English in China next summer 🙂 It’s not a volunteer program. I will be making money to send me off for college. From what I’m told I could earn around 20k for the summer. I’m having Elder Lutz send me more details since he is now home as of last week.
4. Maybe some white shirts or something, other than that no. I was thinking we could just put my 20th birthday on lay-a-way and we could go get me a laptop and a phone for college when I’m home. Something of that sort. Thoughts??
That’s cool that you guys are in St. Louis! One of the good friends I made in the MTC is in St. Louis right now. That’s also cool you guys are in Nauvoo! That’s must be fun being there. After this I feel like you’ve hit all the major church history sites in the states right??
This week was great, me and Elder Crandall get along great. It will be an adjustment learning to teach together though. I tend to take the lead and address all the questions and things of that sort in the past and so has Elder Crandall in his companionships so we’ll have to work on giving each other opportunities to speak and what not haha. But at least he’s not silent! It could always be worse haha.
The baptism went great. It was the most stressful day ever though haha. I felt the whole day we were running around trying to fix problems so it could all run smoothly. The baptism was to start at 3, about 45 minutes after church ended. As we were getting ready a whole group of people showed up telling us they scheduled the font for their baptism at 3. Idk why they were there in the first place?? It’s our building and they should be going to the stake center anyways, but it all worked out. Zion and Ziggy are the most distracted kids I’ve ever worked with by leaps and bounds. It was like trying to direct gold fish the whole day.
But in the end, they both had their correct baptism suits on and all the pictures were taken and all the talks and testimonies we shared and they were able to enter into the waters of baptism. Their “uncle” figure, Casamina, baptized them and it surprisingly only took one try each. Ziggy has a huge fear of drowning in water so we thought that was going to be a big problem hahah. But he seemed to forget about or something because he was fine!
Other than that our week was pretty normal! We had 3 different events at the church with the Samoans last week, each time the sent us home with about 10 pounds of food which is the norm.we played softball with the Samoans today. So far we’ve won the last 2 games we’ve played but today they smoked us 36-28 haha. So I just had to step up my game and go buy a pair of cleats so it wouldn’t happen again haha 😉 Oh something super cool! So at the baptism, our bishop had President and Sister Wells sit with them for lunch. And Bishop DeGuzman worked his magic and convinced President to let us wear our ieficangas (still don’t know how to spell it) every week to church! Haha we’re pumped! I guess Elders in Samoa can’t even do that but now we can!😂 Bishop also sized up President and gave him one of his own! So President Wells will wear his to a Samoan event that he wants to attend next week.
Anyways, it’s been a good week! The work is still moving along, there is a lot for us to do and we are trying our hardest every day to accomplish it. Let me know if you have any questions!! I will send more pictures of the baptism next week when I get them from Sarah.
Elder Collings

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