Hello! Happy Memorial Day!

Hello! Happy Memorial Day! What are your plans for tonight? Anything fun with family? We have a dinner tonight with Tati and Josiah, a Samoan couple. They’re really cool! It was supposed to be with the whole Quiotcho family but I guess they forgot they were going to Utah haha. Other than that it will be a pretty normal P-Day.
We got transfer calls Saturday! Me and Condigity will be together one more transfer here in good old Samoan/Hacienda Heights! Elder Madsen, (One of the Elders we live with) left and Elder Crandall will be taking his place! It’s been good to catch up with him and it will be good to live with him again. (He was one of my MTC companions if you forgot).
Also we got a new Zone Leader, his name is Elder Barber. He’s Elder Hansen’s new companion. He was super excited to receive a new companion, he wanted to put his old one through the wall haha! I did the math and after this transfer when Elder Hansen goes home, we will have been together for 10 1/2 months of our missions, crazy right?? I don’t have many good memories of my mission that he isn’t involved in. It’ll be sad to see him leave in 8 weeks.
Overall this transfer was good for me! A lot of good changes were made in my zone so I look forward to seeing all the cool missionaries that are going to be around. I’m also pretty excited to see what happens this transfer. I feel me and Elder Condie will have some good success, we worked pretty hard last transfer and I’m hoping we’ll see some juicy fruits.
Louis is still scheduled to be baptized here in a few weeks! He is so solid it’s crazy. Honestly he speaks like no English and we don’t speak Spanish but the spirit is teaching him everything he needs to know. We finally had our ward mission leader come out with us to teach him and he translated the whole lesson. He talked to Louis to see what he knows and how he feels and he’s literally learned everything we’ve taught plus more! We have no idea how but it happened 😉.
He’s seen the gospel change his life so much that he wants his 6 kids and ex-wife to be baptized and learn from us as well. He also gave us his parents info. to have the missionaries in Mexico visit them. Our Bishop and ward mission leader don’t want us to pass him off to the Spanish Sisters until he’s been baptized so that’s why we are still teaching him. He also wants to stay in the English ward to learn English, he’s doing so well!
Samoan work is going well, we’ve found a lot of people to teach but now we just have to actually teach them. So far everyone’s flaked out. Once we finally have some good sit down lessons with them it will start to click with them and I’m sure we’ll see some progression. Anyways I have some questions that I’ll ask in a minute! I Love you guys!

Elder Collings

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