HE can produce the best YOU

HE can produce the best YOU

Hello! I’m doing good! I’ve had a good week, I think the temple always just
sets the tone for the rest of the week. Elder Boulette is doing good haha.
He really is a good guy. I’m glad he’s my companion even know he has a lot
to work on still. But he’s progressing.

Dad told me all about the hunt. That’s to bad they weren’t able to shoot
the elk, but we’re here for the ride, not the destination, right? I sure
wish I was there. I feel those trips are the times when I had the best
relationships with Dad/Colton. I’m worried about the Utah winter as well😂
I’m freezing my butt off here. And it was 101 today haha. The person who
sent the picture was a young woman named Bailey. Her brother, Tyler, leaves
on his mission to Baltimore in a few weeks. Tyler comes out with us pretty
often and he’s one of my favorite people.

So Marlon is doing alright. We finally meet with him Saturday and had a
great lesson. He finally found a job and that’s what’s been keeping him
occupied. We were with him almost 2 hours Saturday. He was supposed to come
to church but the member we asked to pick him up took to long so Marlon
decided to go to church with his friend. So next time we’ll have a
different member get him.

I’m thinking about school yes. I haven’t narrowed anything down but UVU, U
of U, BYU Hawaii, and USU are schools I’ve been thinking of. President
Wells is great! I definitely know he’s been called by God to serve here in
Arcadia. And of course I enjoy the mission, I wouldn’t still be out here if
I didn’t. My mission has molded me into the new Son of God that I am. I
will be forever in debt for the two years California has given me.

The work is still rolling along. We found 8 investigators last week but
still were not getting anyone to stick. We’re hoping to work with some
member referrals soon, because they are the ones that end up progressing
the most. We have plans on getting referrals from everyone. I taught a
portion of Elders Quorum on Sunday and that’s basically what it was. Me
just telling them to give us referrals haha. But in a poetic, Spiritual way

I’m grateful for all the love I feel from home and I hope you guys know I
love and pray for you! I want the best for all of you, and I know the best
YOU comes from giving yourself freely to the will of God, so HE can produce
the best YOU.

Went to Ikea!

Hey this is Baylee this is my fave Elder. Thank you so much for raising
such a great guy!!!

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