Getting better!

Getting better!

I never I’d hear this from Bridger 😉

“After getting sick, lying on my death bed, I realized I should take a more
healthy way about losing weight haha. The food you sent was great! I’m
learning to really like healthy food as well! If you sent me that box of
food before my mission It might as well have been a box of severed fish
heads! Now that stuff is more appetizing than all that junk I ate
previously. Thanks for raising me on nasty organic healthy stuff! It’s
finally paid off.”

I’m feeling better! I still have a lot of congestion and a lingering cough
but I’m doing okay. I had another appointment with the Dr. on Tuesday and
she wants me on another set of antibiotics, but I haven’t picked them up
and started them yet because I don’t want to spend birthday money on
anymore medication haha, it’s already eaten up like $60. Personally I don’t
think I need a 3rd set of antibiotics anyways, that’s ridiculous. But I do
have a little side note of going to the Dr..

The Dr. Is about an hour to and hour and a half away from La Verne all the
way over to Glendale. It’s been rough finding rides there. This last time
we decided just to take buses and trains as to not be a burden on the
members (I’m sure they don’t think of it that way but I do). So we’re doing
pretty good so far and we made it to my old area Pasadena with only a bus
and a train, but we still have like 30 minutes of travel time by bus and we
had already been on the public transportation for an hour and a half.

We were waiting at the bus stop for our last bus and I decided to give my
ol’ buddy ol’ pal Natalea a call! She was excited to hear from me and I was
excited to hear how she was doing. She has still been very strong in the
gospel! She’s only missed 1 Sunday since baptism and has just started
attending a night institute that fits her schedule. She’s been to the
temple and has done baptisms for the dead as well! She’s just trucking
along with a testimony as strong as ever! Our call went on for 30 minutes
and the bus was supposed to be there 25 minutes ago haha. So at this point
we’re sunk and had no way of making it to Glendale.

Little did I know that when I was talking to Natalea, Elder LeBaron said a
pray that we’d be able to get to the Dr. on time. I was about to end the
call with Natalea because her mom just got there to pick her up. They were
headed the opposite direction for an appointment of their own. Just then
Nataleas mom, Leah (one of my old investigators as well who ended up
opposing Nataleas baptism) asked what we were doing. After finding out we
were in a bind, she offered us a ride despite the commitments they had
already made!

They came and picked us up and got us to Glendale in a good amount of time.
It was great to see them both as well and see how they’re doing. It was a
tender mercy and it was awesome to see the Lords work in the confusion of
our schedule. It’s amazing what a prayer and a little faith will get you
these days, that sure hasn’t been hit by inflation.

Overall this week was great. Me and Elder Lebaron were able to find 11 new
investigators this past week which is better than most Zone Leaders but
we’re striving to double that this coming week. We know we can meet it
because our Zone Leaders, Elder Hathaway and Allard, are finding an average
of 65 new investigators a week! The standard of excellence in the mission
is 5 a week so these numbers they’re achieving is blowing everyone away and
they’re having amazing success. After watching they way they’re working me
and Elder Lebaron are starting to pick it up ourselves. That’s why we know
we can meet our goal with a lot of Heavenly help.

I’m excited to see how the week goes and I’m pumped to go out and work this
week. I hope you guys have a good week!

Elder Collings


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