First Week is Done! ?

First Week is Done! ?

Hello! First week of the MTC DONE!

This is the only email i’m sending today so feel free to forward it haha.

Well i’ll try to answer all your questions, first off the MTC is great! The spirit is amazing. It’s not often you feel the spirit in a constant form like you do here. It’s a lot better than I though it would be honestly. When you first get here you receive a schedule for everyday of the MCT and theirs almost no free time, I think we found like a 20 minute gap for a nap and that’s it haha. So it’s hard to adjust to the constant work but it’s good.

I’m in a district of all elders (First one at the MTC in 8 months), and im in a trio not a companionship. It’s hard being in a trio, but I think were getting the hang of it. My two companions are Elder Lebaron and Elder Crandell. We all have such different personalities but we work well when teaching and we’ve become great friends. Their are 4 other elders in my district and we all get alone GREAT which makes everything so much easier.

I feel like im adjusting well to the mission life, I get around 7 or 8 hours of sleep every night but waking up at 6 every morning still kills me… The first day is rough, they give you so much to take in and you almost feel overwhelmed but as the days go on it becomes natural. The food is great and you can get as much as you want! I don’t know if that’s a good or bad thing yet haha. I always find myself singing songs from the outside world and still miss my music and I don’t think ill ever not miss it but its whatever 🙂

And yes I miss you all so very much 😉 You don’t have time to think about friends and family here but sometimes things remind you of times with them. The days feel like weeks here but the weeks feel like days.

It’s weird to think I’ve been here a week already! But I’ve grown so much being here. The lord will reveal teaching /study talents you didn’t know you had. Before coming here I literally had no knowledge of how to find and teach from different scriptures. But I guess I’ve been doing something right because im known as the scriptorian now haha. It’s been so easy for me to navigate through the scriptures and find the perfect verses for the lesson.

We have two “investigators” we call them TRC’s. They’re hired by the MTC to come listen to our messages. Some are lds and some are not but they all act like non-members. We’ve only had one lesson with both of them but I felt like we’re really connecting and getting somewhere with the both of them.

I have to go switch my laundry and I forgot my camera in my room so you might not get pictures today but I’ll try haha! I’ve received all your mail and emails and packages, please feel free to send more! NOTHINGS better than getting a package and the end of the day. And while at the MTC send stuff other than snack please, I eat more than enough here haha. And send me my bear, I think Brook stole it…

well i got to go! I might be back on soon, but know that i love you all!

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