First week in the field

First week in the field

Well, I’m here! I got off the flight that was about 2 hours long but I
slept most the time and met 14 missionaries for about a minute that were
going home. Then we took off out of the terminal and met President and
sister Villanueva and the two AP’s. They were super nice and greeted us
with a sign and were super happy to see us! Then we loaded our luggage and
took off to the mission! Me and the trio got to ride with one of the AP’s
and he answered all our questions we had and told us what to expect that
day so that was super helpful.

We all met at the mission office and had some paperwork to do and a quick
little orientation. Lunch was pretty good that day, one of the secretaries
made some baked potatoes. Then we had a meeting and meet our companions and
found out where we’re serving! I’m serving in Temple City which is pretty
big and is about 99% Asians and Hispanics. My companions name is Elder
Yoon, he’s from South Korea and is just a little guy haha. He’s been out
for 10 months but only 3 in California. He served in Korea while he was
waiting for his visa. He speaks pretty good English but he still has
trouble sometimes so that’s kind of a challenge sometime. We got along
pretty good at first but it’s just kinda going downhill. He misunderstands
a lot of things I do and gets really frustrated over the smallest things. I
try to talk to him about it but he’s not very open to anyones opinions but
his own. So I do my best with him but It’s been really hard.

I guess I got here at one of the worst times haha. The work is really slow
and we don’t have anyone to teach. I’ve only taught one lesson since I’ve
been here. His name is Hector, he’s about 55-60 and he talks A LOT but it’s
funny haha. He really listened to what we had to say but as soon as we were
done he went right back into talking about his garden so, idk if he meets
with us for our message or for our company haha. We’ve been trying to
contact old investigators in our area but it’s not going to well. But we do
have a car! So that makes everything a lot better 🙂

The area is pretty nice/ghetto. You could drive down any street in the area
and see million dollar houses and trailers side by side so it stays
interesting. Most of the big houses are owned by the Chinese so we’re in
the ghetto like all the time! 😉 I wish you could see half the people we’ve
talked to, you’d probably be too scared to look at them through out of fear
that they’d track you down and shoot you but they’re all super nice to the
missionaries so we just chat it up hahah. Yesterday we were walking through
a hispanic trailer park looking for a former investigator and we went to
her house and knocked on the door but I guess she moved like a year and a
half ago, so this big ole beefy shirtless Mexican with about 700 tattoos
came out with a switchblade hanging from his pants and started talking with
us. We have an appointment with him and his family this week haha.

My house is great! We live with the Marshalls and they are awesome. They
feed us whenever we need it and have food for us here so we don’t do any
shopping. Brother Marshall also does most of our laundry every Sunday
morning so that’s a huge blessing haha. We’re going to spend most of our
4th tonight at our house with them and neighbors so it should be good 🙂 I
get my IPad on Friday and once I have that I can check my email every night
after 10 but I can’t respond, so keep those emails coming 😉 The work is
defiantly hard but it’s fun, hopefully it picks up soon so I can start
teaching people and start having some awesome spiritual experiences! So far
Cali’s treating me well but it has been really hot. I hope you all have a
good 4th of July! Try not to be to sad without me there! 😉

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