End of 2nd Week!

End of 2nd Week!

This week has been good! My companion hasn’t changed much but
it’s whatever, I’ve just accepted the fact that it is what it is and I’ll
be gone before I know it haha. And to answer your question he gets mad at
all the little things. Like we’re good in lessons but the stupidest things
set him off. Like one day I guess I parked the car on
the wrong side of the road and he freaked out saying I should’ve
stayed over there and I made a huge problem (which It didn’t) and
another time I took out the trash and asked him where I could find a
new bag and he got mad saying I’m supposed to ask him before I do something
like that and I shouldn’t have done that. Idk it’s just dumb
things that don’t matter but oh well.

I got to go on a 24 hour exchange yesterday with one of the Korean speaking
Elders, Elder Yang! He’s Korean but he’s from New Zealand and we got along
great! We were up until like midnight just
talking about life which is something I haven’t been able to do since
I got here so that was good. Sunday morning we went to 2 meetings, the
English ward then the Korean ward. It was fun but I had NO CLUE what

was going on half the day.

We also had a Korean lesson which was an awesome experience. Even
though I couldn’t understand anything and didn’t say a word, you could
feel when they started talking about more serious stuff because the
spirit just filled the room. It’s awesome how the spirit works and can
touch you even when you don’t know what’s going on and when you don’t
understand. Which is probably what most of our investigators are
feeling. They don’t know what we’re talking about, heck even I don’t
know what I’m talking about half the time, but through the the spirit
they know it’s true. And that’s why they continue to have the desire
to learn more.

We met some interesting people this past week. We meet a guy
named Luigi, he’s about as Italian as they come. He was wearing some
dark dress slacks with shiny black shoes and a white tank top with all
his chest hair hanging out and a thin gold necklace. He was super tan
and was bald with gray hair on the side. So super Italian. I guess he grew
up Catholic but was converted to some other Christianity when he was 35ish.
He was super knowledgeable about the bible and even the Book of Mormon and
we had about an hour and a half talk but he didn’t
seem too interested. He did commit to re-reading the Book of Mormon
though 🙂 We just meet so many different kinds of people all the time
it’s hard to keep up haha.

I went and bought a Ukulele today! Haha I’m determined to be pro by the end
of my mission. I’ve also been playing the guitar a lot. There’s nowhere in
my area to get like a beginners book for either instrument so I’m kinda
just doing whatever but hopefully I’ll find someway to learn soon? I also
got my iPad Thursday! It’s been a huge blessing with teaching and learning.
It’s so much easier to learn Spanish with the iPad haha.

Keep sending pics and keeping me updated with what’s going on in
your lives! It’s good to hear and see how you guys are doing? Let me
know if I can do anything for you guys or if you need help in anyway,
I’ll do the best I can! Keep living the gospel!? I miss and love you
guys as well! You’re an amazing example to me and everyone around you!

Talk to you later!

Elder Collings

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