Elder Collings – Notes From The Field

Yes, we did have pretty good success! We didn’t meet our goal of 20
investigators but we did do better than last week with a solid 12 new
investigators. We found some pretty promising people as well, I will talk
about one of them here in a second. Our investigators are doing good! We’ve
been blessed with timing this week to be able to catch most people home and
teach them a little more about the gospel. I’m feeling good! Wouldn’t say
💯 but I’m definitely a solid 80-85%. It’s mostly just an annoying runny
nose and a minor cough but the Dr. said I’d have that for a quick minute.
No I haven’t received my suit sadly… I will get to see it Wednesday! I’m
excited to see what it looks like! Thank you so much for ordering that for
me, I really appreciate it. I was really in need of a new one haha. I will
wear it this Conference weekend and be sure to take some pictures for you.
I don’t think I need anything, I’m pretty content with where I’m at with

So, this week was good! I feel like me and Elder Lebaron worked hard and
talked to everyone we saw. This is a hard area to find in as well. I feel
like the city just rolls up the sidewalks around 6:30 at night. The streets
are just dead. That’s usually the best time to contact people on the
streets in my past area. There’s also no place where you can find lots of
people at once. So we just kinda go wherever we haven’t been to find. But
we found a very cool investigator!

We meet Marlon Friday night. It was 8:30 and we had about a 20 minute bike
ride home. On the way we we passed by this shady guy with long shorts and a
hood over his head. Of course we do our best to talk to everyone, so we
stopped haha. He was very friendly right off the bat. Turns out he just got
stood up by a girl and was blowing everyone off that night and just wanted
to be alone, but something told him to speak with us. We got to know him a
little, he’s 31 and moved here from Alabama 4 months ago to do HVAC. We
taught him the Restoration right there and it turned into a 45 minute
lesson. He was very involved. We got his info. and told him we’d be back
tomorrow morning haha.

So the next day, Saturday, we came by at 11a.m.. We meet him outside and
taught him about the Book of Mormon. We explained how this book confirms
everything we taught him the previous night and how gaining a testimony of
it is the key. He was excited to receive his own copy. At the end of the
lesson we invited him to church with us the next morning. He immediately
said, “I’ll be there,” in his black southern twang accent haha.

So the next morning we picked him up with the Jojola family! He stayed all
three hours even though we forgot to mention that fact the day before.
Personally, I thought the talks and lessons given were thrown together by
the speakers and teachers in 5 min.. They were un-structured and dry. That
is the WORST when you have investigators at church for the first time. But,
the Spirit did its job and Marlon loved it. Our VERY white ward
fellowshiped Marlon better that I’ve ever seen.

At this point we’re stoked to have such a willing investigator. After
church one of the High Councilmen came to us and Marlon and invited us to a
fireside that night given by Brad Wilcox in u
Upland. We were worried Marlon would feel overwhelmed by so much Spirit in
one day! To our surprise he wanted to go! Haha one miracle after the other.
We were certain we couldn’t go because of the fact that it was out of the
mission. But after calling President Wells he allowed us to go! We were the
only missionaries in the mission with permission to go.

Well…Brad Wilcox gave a great talk about how our church is different from
other Christian faiths! After the fireside Marlon said, “the Spirit has
confirmed many different things to me tonight”. It was just an amazing
weekend with Marlon. We found him Friday night and in less than 48 hours
he’s sitting in a multi-stake fireside given by Brad Wilcox..have miracles
ceased or what?! Haha it just makes me laugh at how amazing this work goes

I’ll keep you posted on how our investigators progress but I’m out of time
to email. Thank you so much again for everything! I’m glad I could be here
serving the Lord. Have a good week!

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