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I haven’t heard from Elder Lutz but I’ll email him today, he should respond by the end of p-day. And yeah I miss you guys! You think I’m just heartless or something? Idk, I’m still thinking about the whole China thing as well. I mean I 100% want to go but I’m not sure where the Lord wants me next summer, I’ll discuss that later when I talk about interviews. Tust me, I’ve been praying about what to do after my mission pretty frequently haha. Question of the year!
I was not nearly as bad as Zion and Ziggy. I testify that I wasn’t haha. It was like trying to teach theoretical physics to a rock. It just wasn’t happening without the Lord hand. But they’re super great kids and they did learn all we taught them. They’ve also read to Enos in the children’s Book of Mormon all by themselves which is a proud moment for a missionary:,)
Yeah we’ve been hitting the softball fields pretty hard. Not this week because the whole ward has their 77th annual family reunion and it’s hosted here in Walnut this year. They’re way to busy to play softball today but we’ll probably go participate in the events they’re doing today. The cleats were only $10 at Burlington. Can you believe that? I basically stole them.
Interviews were great! We actually had the opportunity to not only be interviewed by President Wells but Sister Wells also which was a first for me! After I got a second to sit down with her she remembered you guys from her farewell and really wants those pictures you took. So if you could send me that stuff again that’d be great. Sister Wells is extremely nice and sincere. President is as well. We talked a lot about my mission so far and the Samoan ward. We also talked about what I want to accomplish in life. He gave me some good advice and it was a really good interview. Probably the longest one I’ve had. I’m super glad they’re our leaders here in the California Arcadia Mission.
Spiritual experience I’ve had his past week ties into my interview with President and you probably won’t like it much. This past week I’ve really been contemplating what to do after my mission which is something I try not to do because it’s like 10 months away and I need to focus but, it’s really been on my mind. I’m thinking either working at home and hanging out with you guys, or going somewhere out of the country if the opportunity presents itself, such as China, I have to figure out what schooling I want to do and where I want to do it, just so many questions.
Right before my interview with President I was talking with the former AP and I got prompting with what the Lord MAY want me to do after my mission. See up until this point it’s always been MY interests and wants with what to do after the mish. I’ve never really asked God what He wants for me. So like 2 minutes before my interview a thought came into my head to extend my mission.
NOW HOLD YOUR HORSES! Don’t get too emotional, haha. I was going to mention it to President but I decided I need to do some good fasting and prayer for a quick minute then if it’s still something I feel I need to do, I’ll bring it up with him in a few months. I have plenty of time before it needs to be brought up. I’m not too sure as to why I would need to extend but what I feel is it’s because I need more time to learn something. I don’t know what I would need more time to learn but, that’s just what I’m feeling. So we’ll see where that takes me!
The work here is going well we have some great people we’re working with. Some names are Manaia (made contact with her again!), Kelly and Alejandra, Madison, Gore, and Anna. They’re all great and could easily accept the gospel but right now everything it is in the beginning stages. I’m sure we’ll see more success soon! I’ll send pictures from the week.
Elder Collings

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