Elder Collings – Notes From The Field

Tālofa! This past week has been great! I don’t have much time to email though and I forgot my iPad picture thing so, I don’t have many pictures either haha… but it’s been a great week!
First off you’re probably most excited to hear about the Samoan stuff haha. Sacrament meeting was crazy. I had no clue what was going on haha ? Although most of the Samoans speak English, they do all the meetings in Samoan so, that’s beyond me. The hymns sound cool even though they’re kinda hard to sing. The food is great! We get fed everyday and a lot of it is home cooked. We eat a lot of rice and meats and a ton of fried chicken. I’ve already gained like 10 pounds being here? I told Elder Hathaway we have to go running tomorrow morning and he agreed. The ward is like one big family, everyone is related somehow. They’re also so loving and welcoming. There is not much work going on there though. The only work we get is from referrals but, it’s all good.
The English ward is cool too. I feel like it’s full of old people though haha. Coming from East Pasadena there’s definitely an age gap. Me and Elder Hathaway have been working hard, we found 15 new investigators this past week and will meet with them all again this week. We have one investigator on date to be baptized and his name is Max. He’s seen how happy the Gospel makes him and is excited to be baptized but needs to work through some Word of Wisdom issues first but I think it won’t be too much of a problem for him. His date is the 18th of February!
I’m doing good, and staying busy! I just wish I was back on a bike sometimes but that’s okay haha. I’ll be good 🙂 Could you send me some of those Jesus Sandal things? All the Samoans wear sandals and lavalavas to church and I need some sick sandals to fit in 😉 The kind Brooklynn has, the tan ones 🙂 if you could do that, that would be great 🙂 I’m a size 11. Other than that I don’t need anything 🙂 I love you and hope you have a good week!

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