Elder Collings – Notes From The Field

Elder Collings – Notes From The Field


So not much to talk about this week. Ryan did not get baptized this week.
We moved to back so we could teach him a few more things. We’ll either have
the baptism this Sunday or the next but he is still on track to get dunked
and I don’t see anything getting in the way! We have transfer calls this
Saturday. This past transfer was 7 weeks instead of the normal 6 weeks but
it has gone by FAST. My guess is that I’ll be transferred but I’m happy
with whatever happens this time.

Most of our investigators aren’t making much progress right now which
sucks. But it happens in missionary work so I’m not too upset. Right now
we’re dropping a lot of people and hope to find new people who want to
listen to our message. We’re still meeting with people such as the Flores
family, Arthur, and Kim’s family but not with much emphasis.

We did have a good lesson with Cecilia this past week. We talked to her
about God’s plan for her and the Plan of Salvation. She took to it well and
we left her with a chapter in the Book of Mormon to read. It was Alma
chapter 5 and 7. We invited her and her family to church but nobody showed.

Me and Elder McDaniel are getting along just fine. He’s a really good kid
and came prepared for the mission. He’ll do a great job with his remaining
21 months on his mission. Looking back I wish I would have prepared more
but I think I turned out okay haha!

We had interviews with President this past week. Nothing to special was
talked about other than my dying wish in the mission. I told him I would
like to serve Spanish speaking the rest of my mission haha. I’m sure he
thought I was crazy hahah. I explained how being bilingual is one of my
goals in life and how I would like to teach English after the mission. He
said he’d consider it so I have a smidge of hope! It would be hard to learn
since I have only 3 transfers left but I believe in miracles haha.

I have other pictures to send home but I can’t access them right now.
Hopefully I’ll be able to send them home today! I’m trying to take more
pictures and videos for memories but it’s hard to remember. Oh and thanks
for the film!! I haven’t got it yet but I’m sure I will. I really
appreciate it 🙂 Colton is looking good! He’s looking more slim and his
haircut suits him well. Tell him he looks like a stud for me. Love you!

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