Elder Collings – Notes From The Field

Elder Collings – Notes From The Field

Good morning Mom! So funny story, my bike got stolen haha. Right outside of
our apartment. Along with Elder Boulettes and Elder Hathaway’s. Sooo I
called the mission and they don’t have any spare bikes. I also asked
multiple members and nobody has one to spare. Which means I need to
probably buy a new bike… and preferably today or else I’ll be walking all
week. There’s a member named Brother Lancaster that’s willing to sell me
one of his bikes for a deal. It’s a $800 bike but he said he’d give it to
me for “whatever my budget is” and I’m not quite sure what that is. Getting
a bike from him will still probably be cheaper than at a store.

Yeah working out has been great! Honestly I’m hooked haha. I regret not
doing CrossFit but then again I regret a lot of things before my mission.
I’ll definitely be doing CrossFit when I’m home though. In the morning, we
play b-ball and I come home and lift then I have some protein and a bowl of
cream of wheat. For lunch I bake a chicken breast. Then dinner is whatever,
but I come home and do some ab workouts and stuff. Idk what I’m doing but
I’m doing it haha! The biggest blessing though is the self confidence that
comes with it. I’m definitely less-hesitant in some situations where I use
to feel self-conscious. I hope to work out with Colt when I’m back, he can
show me the ropes haha. Missionary work was pretty basic this past week,
nothing really to report on. But we did go with Lauryn to the Newport Beach
temple to do baptisms! She enjoyed it and she really wants to serve a
mission now. We get a new stake president here in La Verne this Sunday. I
talked to Brother Lancaster about the bike. He’s taking us and the bike to
a bike shop tomorrow morning to get me all set up.


Elder Collings

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