Doing good as always!

Doing good as always!

Hello! Doing good as always. So Marlon basically just has kinda fallen
away. We only saw him once this past week and he was definitely under the
influence of something. Hopefully he comes around but we’re going to have
to move on if no progression is made soon. I feel like everyone we were
meeting with us dropped us this past week haha. So once again our teaching
pool is down to about nothing. But Lauryn is still hanging in there! Her
baptism is this Sunday before church. She’s getting very excited and so are
we. She’s invited lots of friends and family and I know the ward supports
her so it will be a good turn out. Tyler, the young man that found her,
will be baptizing her the same day he gives his farewell talk! What an
introduction to a mission haha. Also after speaking with Lauryn she is
considering a mission! She’s about 50/50 right now. She feels like she
doesn’t know enough to serve but I promised her that she knows more now
than I felt I knew before entering the MTC. Also Natalea will be at her
baptism so that will be fun. We’re trying to set up a date for baptisms for
the dead with both Lauryn and Natalea and with the new mission rules, I’d
be able to go as well. Also, I was able to talk with Sarah from the Samoan
Ward this past week over the phone. It’s amazing knowing all my converts
(The Lords converts) are still active in the church! Including Max and
Richard which were baptized after I worked with them. I’m glad to know that
those people were truly converted to the gospel and not some other factor.

On Wednesday we had our mission tour with Elder Dykes from the 70. He is
one outstanding guy. He instructed on a lot of things but what I took from
it was the importance of helping investigators repent. Including helping
them understand how the Sacrament is a process of repentance. He went into
greater detail, but I recognize a need for improvement in my own style of
teaching when it comes to repentance.

Today for P-Day we got hair cuts and went shopping. I got some new socks
and that was it. And for the rest of the day we’ll probably just hang out
at home and take a nap or whatever. One thing I’d like to do is go to the
optometrist and get my eyes checked. My eyes are fine, but I’m noticing a
hard time focusing on distant objects. There is one right by our apartment
but do I need anything before going? Would I need to pay or does insurance
cover it? If you could let me know so I can go in today if needs be that be
great. And little side note, if you ever send pants, I’m now a 32-32 😉
Just In case you’re wondering. Also, one last thing haha, I’m starting to
make my own ties. I got a sewing machine from a lady in the ward and got
some fabric and patterns from Joanne’s last P-Day. Me and Elder Hathaway
are doing it. Tell Grandma! She’ll be proud of me.

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