Busy Week Driving!

Hello! So I don’t have much time but it’s been a great week! A LOT of traveling though… I think I told you before that President is really pushing for a Samoan baptism before he goes home. Most all of our work has been focused towards Samoans! They’re all so spread out so we’ve done a ton of sitting in the car driving. I’m the designated driver which means I’m the only person allowed to drive the car so Elder Condie just falls asleep and I’m pretty much just chilling alone. I don’t mind it to much, it’s nice just playing my music and driving without having to hold a conversation sometimes.
This past week we were in Long Beach, Pasadena, Los Angeles, Riverside, Fontana, etc.. All but one of the cities I named are not in the mission so you can get an idea of how boring this weeks been haha. But we’ve had some good success! We have 3 less-active part-member families we’re working with. The most promising are the Mamea’s. We’re teaching Manaia who’s 10. She loves the church and really wants to get baptized! She doesn’t think it’s fair that her 3 older sisters have been baptized and she hasn’t (which is true). Manaia also has 2 unbaptized brothers but they’re currently in Hawaii so we haven’t seen them much.
Manaia came to church yesterday with her Aunt and Uncle, Buda and Elspith. Manaia’s Mom’s name is Nofoanga and she’s currently going through a divorce. It’s hard on her and her kids but at the same time I think it’s caused them to open up to the gospel and consider coming back to church. We still have a lot of work with Nofoanga, but Manaia is loving what we’ve taught and I’m sure we’ll see her baptized in the coming weeks! Louis, from the English ward, is doing great as well. We moved his baptismal day back a week because this week is Stake Conference which sucks, but he’s solid enough that I think it shouldn’t be a problem with him.
That’s a brief summery of the work. There are so many other people I could talk about. We really have a lot going for us right now and we are working with so many people! But as missionary work goes, I’m sure we’ll have to drop 80% of them in about a week😂 We do have hope and faith! Have a great week and always remember who you are! 😉
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