Hello! So I don’t have much time but that’s okay because this week was
pretty un-eventful. After I went to the Dr. on Tuesday she told me I
had to take 3 days to rest so we were cooped up until Saturday!

Hello! I’m feeling much better. I was able to go to the Dr. on Tuesday and
she told me I have bronchitis and I had a fever of 102 at the time. She
gave me a different set of antibiotics, a steroid inhaler, and a rescue
inhaler. The rescue inhaler has done wonders for me haha. I can finally
breath without coughing. I haven’t had a fever since Tuesday either which
has been a blessing. It’s still hard to ride a bike when your lungs don’t
work but we’ve been walking and busing. The fires are in our mission but
I’m on the opposite side so I haven’t been affected at all. I will be over
there Wednesday for a follow up Dr. appointment so I’ll see what’s up. I
will get the Amazon pantry box tomorrow. Zone Conference was alright. I
feel like I didn’t learn much and other missionaries felt the same. The
topics weren’t really related to missionary work so it was a little
confusing as to why we were there, but it was good! Yeah I got Elder
Hathaway’s moms email, I’ll respond to her now. Here’s some pictures for
the week! I’ll tell you about my week soon. Also, I hit my goal weight of
185! I’m actually 184 right now but I realized I still have more to go so
my new goal is 175 and then from there I’ll put on some muscle if I figure
out how!

That was rough but we managed through. We were able to meet with Lauren a
few times but her mom bailed each lesson so I still have yet to meet
her. I found out this week that her mom told her that she’d get kicked
out if she got baptized but she still doesn’t let anything waver her
decision. We think her mom is just all talk but still, that’s a scary
claim for anyone to hear. Especially a 17 year old girl. We picked up
a few people this past week but nobody promising. We’re working with
Michael, Teresa, Dona, Carol, Mike and Evette, and a few others. The
ward here is just fantastic! They show soooo much love towards us the
missionaries. So many members are here to help us out is so many
different ways which I’m very grateful for. This week I’m finally
feeling better for the first time in the area so we’re hoping to work
hard and see the blessings that come from it. Anyways, I hope you guys
have a great week! I love you guys and I also love his great work I’m
apart of. I have a strong testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ, the
Book of Mormon, the prophet Joseph Smith, and the fact that this
church is the Lords kingdom here on earth.

Elder Collings

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