Hello! Happy Labor Day!

This past week has been alright. A lot of ups and downs but currently
things are more on the up side, so I guess that’s a plus haha. This
past week we’ve been doing a lot of contacting trying to find new people to
teach. We taught 22 lessons this past week just on streets or doorsteps of
random people. I feel like my approaches are getting better the more I
practice (duh). We meet a lot of interesting people here in Temple City
haha. There’s this Schizophrenic guy that we happen to see everywhere. He’s
convinced that God hates him and wants to destroy him because that’s what
the voices in his head are telling him. We try and explain that those
voices aren’t really reliable sources and that God loves him.

We’ve picked up a few new investigators this past week. Some of them
more promising than others but you never know! Tony is doing alright, he’s
still progressing, but we haven’t been able to meet with him for a few
days. He’s definitely not going to make his date of September 17th,
but hopefully we’ll get him in October. I guess he let the Jehovah
Witnesses in the other day and had a nice chat with them ?That’s not what
we wanted to hear, but he did tell us that he likes us better so that’s
good haha.

We meet another guy named Tony this week. He’s super cool and is Black,
which makes him cooler haha. It’s not often we find someone who’s not
either Asian or Hispanic. We had a lesson with him on his door step and he
had a bunch of questions about the Mormon church. We meet with
him again tonight (hopefully).

We also found a guy named Adaleed. I guess he was big into gangs and
gangster thing about 10 years ago but during a rough time, he found God
and it changed his life. He’s now married with 2 kids and loves his Savior.
He was happy to invite us back over to teach his family about Jesus.

I had my first church tour on Saturday! We had someone that referred
themselves on the churches website come and get a Bible and Book of Mormon.
Her name is Zu Lee and she’s from China but she’s been
studying here in the states. We sat down in the Relief Society room and
taught her about the restoration. She was really receptive and agreed with
everything we taught her. She knew nothing about God not too long ago but
she had an experience while she was in school at Notre Dame. Since then
she’s been curious and has wanted to know more. We didn’t really get a
chance to show her the whole church, but she said she’d come to Sacrament
the next day (She didn’t haha).

Yesterday was fast Sunday as you guys know and a lot of good things
came about yesterday. Last Wednesday Sister Millsaps challenged us to bear our
testimonies so I was planning on going up about 10 minutes before it ended.
Just as I was about to go we had a less active decide he wanted to share
his. His name is Jimmy John and is very interesting… He’s probably around
his mid 40’s and is totally living in the past. He’s a hard core rock fan
and spent half his life following different bands around the country. As he
got up me and Elder Yoon kinda looked at each other like “Oh no” haha. But
as soon as he started the spirit was there. He gave the most heart felt and
sincere testimony I’ve ever heard. It was almost like a poem because
it flowed so well and sounded so great. EVERYONE in the chapel felt his love
for God. He even had an 11 year old girl sitting in front of us bawling her
eyes out.

It was very humbling to hear that. I often find myself humbled when I
question someone’s spirituality. You never know how someone’s relationship
with God can be. The people you expect the least often put you in your
place. It just reminds me to always talk to everyone I see no matter what
circumstance I see them in. You’ll never know who needs to hear from you
and who you need to hear from unless you open your mouth. I was called to
teach the gospel for two years but so far
I’ve been doing most the learning. Missions teach you things you didn’t
know you needed to learn.

To end I’ll answer your question haha. Yeah me and President Villanueva have
a good relationship. He’s so caring and loving. I’ve
only had a few chances to actually talk with him but all of those times have
been great. He’s taught me to be patient with my current conditions haha.
Which will hopefully change in the coming weeks?
Tonight we have Elder Soto staying with us on exchanges. He’s super awesome,
but also a rebellious missionary haha. It will be an interesting day
tomorrow. Tonight we have dinner with the Duffins like every other Monday.
They’re probably my favorite people in the ward besides the Marshalls and
Brother Stacey of course 😉 Sorry I don’t
have any pictures this week but I’m sure you guys will live 🙂 Love you guys
and hope you have a great day and a great week! Keep Elder Yoon and I in
your prayers!

Elder Collings

Half way through the transfer!


How’s it going? Sorry I don’t have much time to email today, it’s been
pretty busy. I just got done playing some Badminton with 2 of the
Chinese elders here, Elder Ng and Elder Asenjo. They’re super fun to
be around. Me and Elder Ng played doubles against two Chinese people
we found. It was pretty intense but we lost haha. We had stake
conference as well yesterday and got to hear from Elder Gary Wilde. He
talked about the importance of the basic doctrine and principles of the
gospel. The entire conference was pretty much centered for recent
converts and investigators, which was great for missionary work! Too bad we
couldn’t get any of our investigators to come haha.

Last week we had one of the AP’s (Elder Alcarez) go on exchanges with us!
He called that morning and asked if he could spend the day and night with
us, so it was super unexpected but a huge blessing. He
taught us a lot, and was a great example to learn from. I also went on
exchanges last Tuesday with Elder Philips again. He’s still super great and
very laid back haha. He just had a baptism last Saturday and
has 5 more coming up in September. He and his area are on fire. It was fun
actually teaching lessons for a change other than just trying to find
people all day.

Our investigator Tony is doing alright. We met with him today and he still
seeing us, but he’s having a hard time with changing his church. He knows
our church is true and good, but to him lots of churches are true haha. We
try explaining to him, but he thinks we’re just trying to
“recruit him to the Mormons”. We’re still working with him though so
hopefully he comes around. We also got a new progressing investigator
yesterday. Her name is Rosio. We’ve met with her a few times before, but
last time she let us in to share a message and told us she’s been reading
the pamphlet we gave her and the Book of Mormon! Hopefully she continues
doing so haha.

Thanks for the gifts! Elder Yoons as well! He seemed to appreciate the
thought 🙂 My birthday was alright. Still a missionary so I had to work the
whole day, but it was good. A lot of the missionaries and mission leaders
made sure to tell me happy birthday so that was kind.
Brother and Sister Marshall got me a little cake so that night. We got
some candles and sang happy birthday which was fun! Brother Marshall
wants me to give him the Utah shirt you got me haha, he thinks it’s
the coolest shirt he’s ever seen haha. The cookies were great! I think I
still have 1 left.

Anyway I’m doing alright! Thanks for all the love and support, I
really appreciate it 🙂 Hopefully the work here in Temple City picks up.
It’s been slow but were pushing through. How’s Grantsville doing? I heard
it’s starting to cool down a little. What are you guys up to now a day? Any
more trips planned? It seems like you guys went on like 47 in the past 3
months without me haha 😉 I love you and hope you
have a great week! Keep me in your prayers! You guys are always in mine.
See ya!

Elder Collings

My Mission

Hello Mom! Thank you so much for emailing me everyday, even if it is
just a picture it still means you’re putting forth the effort 🙂 I’m
so grateful for everything you do for me and everything you’ve done
for me. Nothing you do for me goes unnoticed 🙂 Thank you for always
taking care of me. I know you’re always going to be there for me in
times of need, and for that I’m super blessed and grateful 🙂

Tell Grandma thanks for the blanket! I got it a few days ago but
haven’t opened it, I told myself I’d wait until my birthday to open
everything. Which has been hard because Grandma makes the best
blankets and I just want it already? I’ve been writing every night in
the journal you sent me, before we know it it will all be filled up
and I’ll send it home to you guys! There’s no point in telling you not
to read it because we all know that’s not going to happen haha. And I
have a few more pictures that I took this past week that I’ll send to

This week has been full of ups and downs. Tuesday I went on exchanges
with one of my Zone Leaders and another elder. Being back in a trio
was super fun haha. Those Elders are awesome. I learned a ton from
them and had a chance to actually participate in some lessons which
was good 🙂 I would say that was the best day of my mission so far. We
didn’t do anything special, it was just nice to be around someone you
feel actually likes you and appreciates the things you do. Ya know? Me
and Elder Yoon were great most of last week. He can be a great and
funny guy and we really get along when he’s in a good mood. But most
of the time I feel he wakes up and immediately is out to get me. It’s
hard but hopefully we’ll have more good days in the future.

We committed a new investigator to baptism! September 17th is the day
he agreed to. We still have a lot of work with him and he’s still not
super committed but hopefully the spirit will get to him. His name is
Tony and he loves meeting with us. Keep him in your prayers 🙂

I’m about to go bowling with the zone leaders. I’ve been looking
forward to this for a week now. This will be the first fun thing I’ve
done on a P-day haha 🙂 And I have an exchange with Elder Philips
tonight so that will be great 🙂 I love spending time with other
Elders and members of our ward. Elder Philips apartment is full of
cockroaches though haha. We went there one time to pick them up and we
lifted up a rag on there counter and about 7 cockroaches scattered
across the counter haha. Super nasty. They say they’re impossible to
get rid of so they just gave up.

I got to get going, thanks again for all the love and support you give
me 🙂 I truly do appreciate it 🙂 Have a great week! I love you!

Elder Collings

Hello from Elder Collings

Hello! How’s it going? I’m super jealous that your in Oregon right
now! I couldn’t see the video you sent but in all the pictures it
looks like you’re having a great time! Tell Trish and Christina
congratulations and that I think they’re like the nicest people I know
haha 🙂 I heard you put Sage on a diet haha, hopefully she’s doing
well! It was nice to see you and dad at the temple. I miss being able
to go to the temple so much.

Temple City is doing alright. I guess it’s been in a drought of solid
investigators for about 5 months now but hopefully it will pick up.
Still full of Asians haha. I got my hair cut today from a lady from
Thailand, she seems to like us. She always gives us a discount and we
don’t know why haha. We can’t understand her? A few days ago we
stopped in a Chinese super store to use the bathroom and I was the
only white person in the whole store. And it was packed with people.
I’ve never felt so out of place haha?

I get to go on exchanges tonight with one of the zone leaders so I’m
super excited about that. His name is Elder Nava and he seems super
kind so it’ll be good. Me and elder Yoon are doing alright I guess.
Hopefully we can keep it up haha. I got to talk to President
Villanueva about it and he said he’d try and help and gave me some
good advice so hopefully things will get better. The Marshalls left on
vacation until Saturday so I’ll be fending for myself again haha. I
feel like my teaching is really getting better so that’s a plus.
During my meeting with President he said I should start preparing
myself to become a trainer so that’s kinda scary haha but exciting as

This past week we have been doing a lot of service. We woke up and
went out with Brother Stacey on Tuesday morning. He had us shovel dirt
into the back of a truck at one of his rental houses, then take the
dirt to this massive dump place. It was nice doing some physical labor
for a few hours. Then Wednesday we went over to our “Part time job” at
sister Millsaps house (The British Lady). She has us over pretty often
to help with her garden and then forces us to take some money for
doing so haha. She gives us like 50 bucks each every time we’re over
there. I feel kinda bad but then again she makes us take it so oh
well. She’s loaded so it’s okay haha. Then Thursday we went over to
Sister Sunderlands house. She had us hold her fridge so she could
vacuum under it. We were there for like 2 hours while she tried to get
all the dust out from underneath. Then we noticed a whole bunch of
drugs on her countertops haha. I’m guessing they’re her husbands but
it was still pretty strange.

Yesterday we had dinner at the Garcia’s house. They’re super awesome
people and they have 5 kids, 4 girls and a boy. From 9 to 1 with the
boy being the youngest. They had their kids play the violin and sing a
song for us which was nice. Afterwards we sang a song for them. I suck
at singing so it was pretty rough but it invited the spirit 🙂

I’ll send a bunch of pictures I took. The adapter that you sent works,
so hopefully I’ll be sending more pics from now on 🙂 I love you guys
and hope you have a great week! Always look for opportunities to serve
others so the Lord can serve you 🙂

(Pictures: Me and the nasty fish
head – Me and Brother Stacey’s car – Me and Brother Stacey

Elder Collings

It has been 2 months!

Hello! How’s it going? I heard you guys got a new trailer! When and why did
that happen?? Haha send me a video of it! I want to see it. And that
flooding looks like a lot of fun! How did it happen? I’m sure that’s been a
headache. Are you going to put hardwood floors in my bedroom??:D Blacksfork
looked super fun! The pictures dad sent were great, it was good seeing
everyone. Blaine and Laura’s pool looks fun! Did everyone go down there to
hang out for a couple of days? Zion looked amazing haha. It was so green
compared to here in SoCal haha. It hasn’t rained once since I’ve been here
so that’s cool.

This past week has been pretty good. Last Wednesday we went and did some
service for a lady in our ward, Sister Milsaps. She’s as English as they
come haha. She’d put all your Pride and Prejudice people to shame. She put
us to work in her garden trimming everything down. It was pretty fun, I
enjoyed it a lot. It was a nice time to just go to work and spend some time
thinking. I was hoping she’d have us mow her lawn ? I honestly kinda miss
mowing. Maybe not our ginormous lawn but something smaller haha. I think
she wants us to come back this Wednesday to do some more work so I’m
looking forward to that.

And I guess I have another 6 weeks in Temple City with Elder Yoon! We never
got a transfer call Saturday night. I was hoping a change would be made but
maybe next time… It’ll be another hard 6 weeks full of challenges but
hopefully we find someone soon that makes it worth it.

We’ve been dropping a lot of people. Nobody seems to stay interested.
They’re all super nice when we first meet them but lose interest overnight.
We found a couple of people that might have potential but who knows. We’re
meeting with a guy named Arthur who’s super awesome. He’s Catholic but
hates the Catholic church and thinks it’s corrupt. He loves and believes
everything he knows about the Mormons and all the doctrine we teach. His
mom was there last time and she’s super Catholic but he defended us and
told his mom that the Mormon church is where it’s at basically haha. He
even said at one point, “I should’ve been born a Mormon”. But he says he
just can’t change because that’s what he’s been born into so we’re going to
bring a recent convert who was Catholic to hopefully help him out.

I went on another exchange the other day with Elder Bickmore. He’s an
awesome guy that LOVES to talk haha. He feels the need to share everything
he’s read word for word with everyone he meets wether you’re interested or
not haha. I’ll try and send a video to show you what I mean. He’s also
super musically talented. I’ll send another video to show that too. He’s
been all over the world and has a ton of stories. I guess he spent 2 months
in Petra, Jordan (One of the seven wonders of the world) doing
archeological work and uncovering ancient artifacts. He know like 4
languages and is hoping to work for the CIA after his mission.

Tonight we have 5 missionaries about to go home staying at our Pad. I
should know a couple of them but if not I’m sure they’re awesome as well!
I’m hoping Elder Oh from our zone will be here. He’s super cool and I’ve
become[image: image1.JPG][image: image2.JPG] good friends with him. He’s
one of the Chinese Elders that we share our church building with. Their
ward meets after our ward so about 11 and we always see them there.

Anyways, it’s been a decent week. A lot of ups and downs but I’m hanging in
there haha 😉 This upcoming week should be good. We have a lot of the new
missionaries coming to our district and zone so hopefully I’ll get to know
them pretty well. I hope you guys have a good week and always remember the
Lord in everything to do 🙂 Send some videos of the new trailer and the
basement! I love you all and I’ll talk to you next week!

Elder Collings

Week full of blessings

This last week has been good, hard, but good 🙂 It’s been a week full of
blessings as well. I took a bunch of pictures this week on my camera but I
have no way to get them onto my iPad 🙁 The adapter you
sent is great but it requires an app to use it and with all the
restrictions these iPad’s have I couldn’t download it :/ Hopefully I
can find a way soon. We’re not supposed to take pictures with our iPad’s or
else I would just do that. I think it’s a dumb rule but I try
my best to follow all the rules I have haha.

As I said I’ve had a week full of blessings! The first ones kinda funny. We
have a sister that just moved in, (Sister Sunderland, she’s
from China) and we helped her a ton so she’s really wanted to pay us
back by getting us dinners. The first one she just got a pizza from
Pizza Hut and it was the best pizza I’ve ever had. The second time
she invited us over for dinner I was super excited to see what it’d be
this time. Later that day she had to cancel for some reason but told us we
could stop by and get the food that she already bought for us.
We were kinda sad but oh well, we still got our food 🙂 We picked it up and
took it home and opened it up eager to eat! Little did we know she bought
us each our own fish head complete with a million unidentifiable vegetables
and raw potato peels. I almost threw up just smelling it. I would’ve
certainly died if I had to eat that at her house. The Lord was looking out
for me and knew I couldn’t have handled that food so by the grace of the
Lord almighty she cancelled the dinner! HUGE BLESSING (I have some pics of

Blessing number two was Saturday all together. I went on an exchange
with one of my Zone Leaders which was pretty scary haha but he’s an
awesome guy. His name is Elder Richards. Usually the Zone Leaders
don’t go on exchanges with the normal missionaries but I guess I was
an exception. He taught me a ton. But that day we went and visited a recent
convert family, the Lara family. As we showed up someone we hadn’t seen
before was on their door step smoking. We found out that
it was sister Lara’s sister that moved in. She’s been going through A LOT
lately. She was homeless for a while. We started talking to her and
immediately knew she needed the gospel. We started talking about prayer and
how she feels like God doesn’t care about her. We both knew
what she needed was a blessing. We asked who she wanted to give it and
she said Elder Richards. He gave an amazing blessing and everyone there
felt the spirit so strong. She knew God loved her and knew she just needed
to have faith. And pow! A new investigator (even though she
canceled the next appointment haha.)

Blessing three happened yesterday. All day I was thinking about
blessing and the priesthood power. And it happened to be that both speakers
in church felt the same way. Brother Duffin spoke about his first blessing
and how he was super nervous and how he actually sent
someone to heaven and how the family blamed him for killing their Grandma.
He said he didn’t give another blessing for years but eventually he
overcame his fear. I felt like that talk was specifically for me. After
sacrament Sister Millsaps came to me and asked me to give her grandson a
blessing. I was terrified because I
still haven’t given a blessing at this time. But I went to the bathroom and
knelt down and prayed asking for comfort. I immediately knew I’d be alright
🙂 I gave her grandson who has down syndrome a
blessing that he’d be okay and find no problems at his appointment with the
Doctor the next day. I hope that was the case!

Anyways, blessing are amazing 🙂 Blessing from God are essential and we
always need to keep living the way we know we should so we qualify
for those blessing 🙂

Oh and I have a challenge for you guys. Downloaded the app, “Just Serve”
from the App Store. It’s a church app dedicated to helping you find ways to
serve in your area. I challenge you guys to find something each month on
that app and do it 🙂 I’ll be waiting to hear what you did for the month of
August 😉 Love you guys! Keep doing what you know you should 🙂

Elder Collings

Fourth week in the field has been great!

Hello! Greeting from bazillion degree weather here in SoCal!

This last week has been good! We’ve meet a lot of interesting people!
Last Thursday
me and Elder Phillips (Our district leader) got to go on exchanges. He’s an
awesome missionary, we really got along good.

We went and visited a less active named Brother Buffington. We go to his house
every Thursday at 2pm. He’s 91 years old but surprisingly mobile haha. His
wife passed away about 3 months ago and his son just passed away on the 9th
so it’s been hard for him but, he’s still happy
as can be! Him and Elder Philips really hit it off. They are both from
Tremonton, Utah. Brother Buffington started talking about all the things
there from 70 years ago and I guess none of it is still there haha.

We also got to visit one of our new investigators this last week. His name is
Tuan. He’s 14 and from the Philippines but he’s been in the states most his
life. He just moved to California from Arkansas a few
months ago and says this is the worst summer ever haha. He has no friends
so he just sits at home all day. I asked him what he likes to do and he
plays tennis. I told him I do as well and he lit up like a light bulb haha.
He made sure to get our number and we had plans to go out today and play
tennis but they fell through. Hopefully next week 🙂 He’s not too
interested in the gospel but what 14 year old boy is haha. I got him to
commit to baptism though! Hopefully he’ll stick with it.

Yesterday we went out with Brother Stacey again and meet a guy named John.
Him and brother Stacey really hit it off. They both served in the military at
the same time and were talking about all sorts of stuff.
Brother Stacey served for 33 years in the Air Force and was some Chief
General of Command or something like that. I guess it’s the highest rank
you can receive so that was cool to find out 🙂 We go back to teach John
Tuesday with Brother Stacey so hopefully we’ll have another solid
investigator soon! We also have dinner with Brother Stacey Saturday so that
will be fun. He’s loaded and always takes us somewhere cool to eat haha.
The Marshalls also got back from their
trip this week. It’s nice to have them around, they always brighten the
mood and will do anything for us.

I have no opportunities to take pictures haha. When we’re out for the day
Elder Yoon gets mad if I’m not focused on the work which is great, but
means I don’t have any chances to take pictures haha. I’ll try and get
some. I also got a plant today 🙂 It’s pretty cool. I figured it’d teach me
to be a good parent. If I can keep a cactus alive I can for sure keep a
child alive 😉 Basically the same needs.

Here’s one of the malls near me. Literally everywhere here is Chinese.
You’d think you’re in China if you didn’t know any better. I’d say only
about 4/10 people we meet on the street speak English. It’s crazy.

Here’s a kid pushing his two little siblings around his apartment in a
shopping cart haha. We’re in such ghetto places sometimes. But those places
are usually where you find the humble people willing to let you in.

My iPads about to die so I better go, but week 4 has been good! Iearned so
much and I’m trying my best to apply that into my
teachings. Anyways, always look for missionary opportunities at home!
There’s always something you can do to share the gospel with others.
And “Remember who you are!” –

Trevor Collings 😉

One last thing, “You’re off to great places, today is your day. Your
mountain is waiting, so get on your way! -Dr. Seuss

Love, Elder Collings.

Week Three Was Great!

Hello! Week three was great! One of our investigators came to church this
week, his name is David. He’s dating the bishops daughter so we got this
baptism in the bag 😉

We did a lot of service this past week. We’ve helped a few people move
in/out and tomorrow we’re going to a
less actives to help her clean up her place for an appraisal (Thanks to you
and every phone call you’ve had, I know what that’s all about) 😉 We’ve
spent a lot of time with awesome members this past week, I just love ever
member here. Brother Stacey is one we probably spend the most time with. He
goes out with us every Sunday to visit people and usually does stuff with
us throughout the week. I had to give a talk Yesterday which sucked haha
but it went well. Everyone said it was a great talk and one Brother came up
to me and said he’s been
struggling and hearing my talk was exactly what he needed. It made me feel
great to know I helped someone in need and that the Lord works through
everything we do even if we don’t realize it.

I think I’mmaking great progress with the members and they seem to really
love me. Elder Yoon has been saying that they don’t trust the Elders very much
but I think they just don’t trust him haha. He has a hard time connecting
with people (Imagine that). The Marshalls left on vacation so we’ve had to
fend for ourselves when it come to food. Yesterday I had a can of pineapple
chunks for lunch hahah.

I got the books you sent me and I’ve been practicing a ton 🙂 Hopefully
soon I’ll get good enough to were I can use it in my efforts to bring
others unto Christ. The mission president keeps dropping hints that I’ll
be called to speak Spanish so I’ve been preparing for that 🙂 The other day
in our interview I told him I had to speak in sacrament and that I was nervous
and he just kinda laughed and said, “Wait until you have to speak in a
Spanish ward”. But I’m excited and 100% willing to learn a
language 🙂

So far the missions been a struggle but wonderful at the
same time! I’m just waiting for that next transfer day to come haha. Have
a good week! Here’s a selfie I took in the car the other day, I look pretty
goofy but oh well. See ya!

End of 2nd Week!

This week has been good! My companion hasn’t changed much but
it’s whatever, I’ve just accepted the fact that it is what it is and I’ll
be gone before I know it haha. And to answer your question he gets mad at
all the little things. Like we’re good in lessons but the stupidest things
set him off. Like one day I guess I parked the car on
the wrong side of the road and he freaked out saying I should’ve
stayed over there and I made a huge problem (which It didn’t) and
another time I took out the trash and asked him where I could find a
new bag and he got mad saying I’m supposed to ask him before I do something
like that and I shouldn’t have done that. Idk it’s just dumb
things that don’t matter but oh well.

I got to go on a 24 hour exchange yesterday with one of the Korean speaking
Elders, Elder Yang! He’s Korean but he’s from New Zealand and we got along
great! We were up until like midnight just
talking about life which is something I haven’t been able to do since
I got here so that was good. Sunday morning we went to 2 meetings, the
English ward then the Korean ward. It was fun but I had NO CLUE what

was going on half the day.

We also had a Korean lesson which was an awesome experience. Even
though I couldn’t understand anything and didn’t say a word, you could
feel when they started talking about more serious stuff because the
spirit just filled the room. It’s awesome how the spirit works and can
touch you even when you don’t know what’s going on and when you don’t
understand. Which is probably what most of our investigators are
feeling. They don’t know what we’re talking about, heck even I don’t
know what I’m talking about half the time, but through the the spirit
they know it’s true. And that’s why they continue to have the desire
to learn more.

We met some interesting people this past week. We meet a guy
named Luigi, he’s about as Italian as they come. He was wearing some
dark dress slacks with shiny black shoes and a white tank top with all
his chest hair hanging out and a thin gold necklace. He was super tan
and was bald with gray hair on the side. So super Italian. I guess he grew
up Catholic but was converted to some other Christianity when he was 35ish.
He was super knowledgeable about the bible and even the Book of Mormon and
we had about an hour and a half talk but he didn’t
seem too interested. He did commit to re-reading the Book of Mormon
though 🙂 We just meet so many different kinds of people all the time
it’s hard to keep up haha.

I went and bought a Ukulele today! Haha I’m determined to be pro by the end
of my mission. I’ve also been playing the guitar a lot. There’s nowhere in
my area to get like a beginners book for either instrument so I’m kinda
just doing whatever but hopefully I’ll find someway to learn soon? I also
got my iPad Thursday! It’s been a huge blessing with teaching and learning.
It’s so much easier to learn Spanish with the iPad haha.

Keep sending pics and keeping me updated with what’s going on in
your lives! It’s good to hear and see how you guys are doing? Let me
know if I can do anything for you guys or if you need help in anyway,
I’ll do the best I can! Keep living the gospel!? I miss and love you
guys as well! You’re an amazing example to me and everyone around you!

Talk to you later!

Elder Collings

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