4th of July!

Hola! My week has been pretty great! A lot of good stuff has been happening. I’m jealous you guys went to the condo for the 40th time since I’ve been gone haha. Tell everyone at the BBQ hi for me! I miss good Utah food at BBQ’s. Nobody has simple steak and potato meals out here. It’s all funky food if we’re feed by the white people, but most of the time we have Hispanic of Asian food because that’s basically 90% of the population. The Samoans have good food as well but some of it is nasty. Like Taro and raw fish soup, eww gross haha. But I’ve become wayyy less picky since being here. When you guys see how I eat you’ll probably roll over and die haha.
I honestly don’t really write anyone. Like today the only email I plan on writing is this oneπŸ˜‚ People forgot about me. The Samoans are having a Fia Fia at the park tomorrow with tons of food and people. We plan on going there tomorrow for our 4th. But honestly I’d like to head up to the Marshalls in Temple City and spend my 4th with them again, they know how to have a 4th celebration like you guys back home. Technically they live in my area still πŸ˜‰
President Wells took over on Thursday, we’ll meet him Wednesday which will be exciting. I don’t see any changes happening here soon, but in a few months I think he’ll mold it into what he wants. Transfers are Saturday. I want nothing more than to stay here haha. I’m praying I don’t leave even though the odds are against my favor. The wards and areas are great but that’s not why I want to stay. We have a lot going for us right now! We have 4 people on date and hoping to have more by the end of the week.
This past week us and the leadership of the Samoan ward have reached out to a less active lady named Sarah Timoteo. She has 5 kids and is a single mother. We met her once at a party months ago and I tried to get to know her but she was very reserved. Well for the past two weeks our primary president, Sister Laulu, has been picking them up and basically forcing her and her 5 kids to church haha. We talked to her last Sunday and she agreed to have us over. We found out that 2 of her kids are baptismal age but haven’t been baptized. We set them on date for July 16th. I’ve met with them every day since then with a teen in the ward named Paul Haloholo. I’ve been taking him on splits a lot because he’s about to get his mission call. Elder Condie has been working in the English ward with other members as we go on splits. They all came to church again for the 3rd time yesterday.
Sarah has made leaps and bounds as well. She was baptized 3 years ago in Utah but was not converted or taught at all. She told us she learned nothing from the missionaries that taught her. Since me and Paul have been there she’s learned a lot and really wants to take her kids through the temple to be sealed some day. Zion (9) and Ziggy (8) are great. They really have soaked up all we’ve taught. I’m super bummed I’ll probably leave a week before their baptism though… but I know I’ve helped them grow in the gospel and that’s my purpose! We teach them again tonight at 7:30.
Louis sill won’t freaking come to church. Idk what to do with that man. We teach him the night before and he commits to coming 110%, then we call and visit him Sunday morning and he’s about to get in the shower to go to church. Then he just disappears! He’s the most stressful investigator I’ve had haha. He was supposed to be baptized this Sunday but we’re going to have to push that back as well… so there’s another baptism I’ll miss seeing!
Manaia Mamea is still doing great. She’s the 11 year old daughter of a less active in Riverside. Her mom, Nofoanga, is really warming up to us. She agreed to letting Manaia get baptized and Manaia really wants to take that step. She’s very smart and remembers what we teach, even though she gets names mixed up all the time haha. The only problem with her is that they live like 1 1/2 hours away and it’s hard to go clear out there. We’ve been setting up Skype and FaceTime lessons though. We’re hoping to see her get baptized here in the month of July. Baptism number 4 that I’ll miss!! Man I can’t get a break.. but wait there two more people!
Rosemary and Crystal are a mother and daughter we’re teaching. They’re about 50 and 30. They’ve been out of town the past two Sunday’s but they’ll be here this Sunday. They are a little distracted in lessons but they pick it up. The gospel is very clear and simple to them and they agree with all we teach. They are set for date on July 29th. They’re doing good.
So you can see why I want to stay haha. 6 months of work here has lead up to 6 very potential baptisms this month. But some Elder will probably come in and reap all my successes haha. But it’s okay I guess, it’s all the Lords work anyways. I’m just happy I could be a part of it.
Really quick one thing that has happened this past week that has strengthened my testimony of the power of the priesthood. So last Sunday night we get a call from Sister Semu, wanting us to give a blessing to one of her non-member friends mother. I guess she’s been sick for the past 7 years and they were open to having us over. So the next night we went and gave her a Blessing. We explained what it was to the family and how it’s all the will of God. I was very prompted that it was her time to return home, which is not really what us, or they wanted. It was said in the Blessing that she was to leave peacefully to her Heavenly Father. Well the next day, 16 hours later, we got a text from Sister Semu letting us know that Miss Evelyn had passed away right then. It was a very humbling experience to be a part of. One of those moments you realize how real the priesthood is.
Anyways, it’s been a great week full of blessings and miracles. I hope to stay but whatever happens I’ll be okay with. I have no clue where I could go. Also side note, a Chinese member in the Chinese ward that we share our building with wants me and Elder Lutz (A Chinese speaking missionary) to go to China next summer and teach English haha. I think it would be awesome! So keep that in mind. I got to go, love you guys and hope you have a great week! Email me back with your thoughts on my email. I never hear what you guys think about.

This is what Bridger does when the power goes out! Go to the Dollar store and buy a bag of tea lights!

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