Hello! My week was great! Many good things happened. I learned a lot from Elder Oaks, I’ll just send you the screenshots from my notes and I hope you’ll be able to make sense of them.

One thing that really stood out to me were his statements concerning conversion. He emphasized that it is our responsibility to convert people to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not to the Church of Jesus Christ. He also said we need to be using the Book of Mormon more effectively in our efforts to help people come closer to Christ. That’s something I’ve been focusing on–actually 2 Days before the conference I let one of our investigators, Carissa, borrow my personal Book of Mormon in hopes that it would encourage her to read the chapter we assigned. She still has it and hasn’t returned our calls so pray that I get that back😂 I’ve put too much into that book to lose it now haha but I’m sure I’ll get it back. She’s a great person so I’m not worried.

We got to take Steve to the temple! It was his first time and he really enjoyed it. With the new change of rules, he was able to baptize us for his ancestors that he’s found doing family history work. It was a great experience! While at the temple we ran into our Stake President, President Rosa. President Rosa was so impressed with Steve and his conversion story that at the temple he asked if Steve would share it at Stake Conference this coming weekend! He agreed haha, Steve is doing great.

We were also able to teach Natalie and Jonathan a few times this week. Natalie is still being held back from baptism with the whole marriage thing but since I’ve been gone, their kid Ryan has turned 8 and is now baptismal age. He’s scheduled to be baptized this month on the 27th. He’s been very excited about the things we’ve taught him and is excited for his baptism.

So that’s a little snib-bit of my week. To answer your questions no, the shirts don’t fit. I’m still trying to figure out why you thought I was a medium? But I just gave them to my comp and he’s been enjoying them as much as I would be haha. The white shirts from Grandma are too big but that’s my bad. I gave her the wrong sizes. Turns out I’m a 15-15 1/2 neck. But I have the receipt and theirs a Kohl’s not too far so I’ll take them in and see what they can do. I also went and asked a guy how much it would be to alter my suit and it was like 45 bucks so I’m still looking for a better option because that’s pricey. I’ll be fine though, a missionary that’s gotten a little fatter on his mission has suits that fit me perfectly so I’ll probably wear those. I don’t think I need anything, but thanks for asking! I got some new Nikes this past week, I’ll show you next week when I get them!

Elder Collings

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